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Evergreen Plants

Elijah Blue Fescue

The perfect garden plant, you can plant the Elijah Blue Fescue in mass groupings, along borders, dry stream beds or as an edge for a garden or landscape area. Drought resistant once established. 

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Barbeque Rosemary

The Barbeque Rosemary plant produces straight stems that are sturdy enough for using as skewers for grilling vegetables, fish, seafood, and meats. Leave the Barbeque Rosemary leaves on the skewers to impart the rosemary flavor into the grilled foods and wonderful aroma throughout. 

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Angelina Sedum Stonecrop

Plant Sedum Angelina in hanging baskets and patio containers. This creeping sedum is a strong grower and drought resistant. It is one of the more popular sedum plants for its fast growth.

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English Ivy

product not available at this time

Winter Gem Boxwood

Winter Gem is considered the classic evergreen boxwood hedge plant in the 2-3 foot hedge range especially pretty against red brick homes.

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Wedding Ring Boxwood

The Wedding Ring Boxwood Shrub an interesting small growing evergreen for bordering small gardens or defining landscaped areas.

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Dwarf Nandina Firepower

Dwarf Nandina Firepower are bright compact dwarf evergreen shrubs with lime green leaves and colorful fire red fall foliage. Dwarf Firepower is the perfect accent plant for Oriental gardens or for shaded landscapes.

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Chuck Hayes Gardenia

Our Gardenia plants ship as available throughout the year are especially favorites during the holiday season for hostess and seasonal gifts

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Jazz Hands Dwarf Pink Loropetalum

Jazz Hands® Loropetalum is a perfect small flowering shrub. This evergreen red to purple foliage is also heat tolerant. Add interest to foundation plantings

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Iberis Snowsation Candytuft

Candytuft grows best in early spring when the frost is still present. It blooms in large white flowers which cover the tiny leaves for the whole period. It becomes the center of attraction in the garden.

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Green Mountain Boxwood

The Buxus sempervirens 'Green Mountain is commonly used for hedges, knot gardens, container plants, and backdrops for bright perennial plants.

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Sunset Glow Bamboo

One of the most beautiful bamboo plants, the Sunset Glow Bamboo, Fargesia rufa. It is a non-runnning and non-invasive bamboo growing to 8 feet and provides a nice hedge or privacy screen year around.

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Nandina Domestica Heavenly Bamboo

The dark green, glossy, fern like leaves of the Nandina Domestica make an excellent background for the white flowers that turn into brillian red berries by winter.

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Yucca Bright Edge

product not available at this time

Juke Box xPyracomeles

The Juke box xpyracomeles is a dwarf evergreen shrub that grows quite well in the sun or in the shade and makes an ideal trouble-free boxwood alternative.

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Bloom-A-Thon Lavender Azalea

A new plant introduction, the Bloom-A-Thon Lavender Azalea is a wonderful re-blooming azalea producing beautiful lavender flowers that are sure to delight every plant connoisseur. 

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Bloom-A-Thon Red Azalea

A new plant introduction, the Bloom-A-Thon Red Re-blooming Azalea Rhododendron will bring bright new color to your landscape in spring only to produce more new blooms again in late summer

From 21.59

Sky Pencil Holly

The Sky pencil holly is grown primarily for its interesting shape. It flourishes amazingly well in containers allowing you to frame a door or entryway, or on decks and patios.

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Cryptomeria japonica Radicans

Easy to grow tree. Great choice for patio or deck privacy.

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Steeplechase Arborvitae

often considered a better version of the Green Giant

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Murray Cypress Tree

Fast growing evergreen tree used as a harder substitute for Leyland Cypress

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Arizona Cypress Carolina Sapphire Tree

product not available at this time

Irish Juniper Evergreen

Irish Juniper can be planted as a main focus or short hedge

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Nellie Stevens Holly Tree

specimen tree as well as in privacy fences and property borders

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