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Fireworks Clematis

Brilliant Purple to Pink Colors! First Bloom in May to June with Second Flush in August to September!

Quart Potted - From $19.59

Jackmanii Clematis

A Gardener's Favorite! Violet Purple Flowers from Mid to Late Summer!

Quart Potted - From $19.59

Belle of Woking Clematis

White Reblooming Clematis! Blooms Late Spring then Again in Early Fall!

Quart Potted - From $19.59

Pink Champagne Clematis

Brilliant Pink Flowers! Perfect for Front Walk and Patio where it can be Seen! Booms in Spring!

Quart Potted - From $19.59

Ernest Markham Clematis

Magenta Red Velvet Flowers! 

Quart Potted - From $19.59

Nellie Moser Clematis

Bright Pink and White Striped Blooms! Best for Part Shade! Perfect for Containers!

Quart Potted - From $19.59

Rouge Cardinal Clematis

An Easy to Grow Clematis with Blooming Summer to Early Fall!

Quart Potted - From $19.59

Viva Polonia Clematis

A Proven Winners! Striking White Star surrounded by Red!

One Gallon Potted - From $36.59

H. F. Young Clematis

Lavender Purple Reblooming Clematis! Flowers May to June with Second Flowering in September!

Quart Potted - From $19.59

Sweet Summer Love Clematis

Fragrant Summer Flowering Clematis!

Quart Potted - From $19.59