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Container Grown Iris Plants

Iris pallida Aureo Variegated

Yellow Striped with Soft Violet Blue Flowers!

From $24.59

Iris 'Feed Back'

Tall Bearded Iris! Deep Purple Blooms!

From $29.59

Concertina Re-Blooming Iris

Blooms Late Spring and Again Late Summer! Soft Pink with Blue!

From $18.59

Iris 'Harvest of Memories' Yellow

Yellow Bearded Iris! Blooms Spring and Summer to Fall!

2 Sizes - From $18.59

Victoria Falls Iris

Long Blooming! Fragrant! Beautiful Light Blue Flowers!

From $29.59

Midnight Treat Tall Bearded Iris

Purple and Black BiTone Iris!

From $29.59

Iris War Chief Tall Bearded Iris

Beautiful Dark Red Flowers!

From $18.59

Iris Immortality

Pure White Flowers!

From $18.59

Rosalie Figge Iris Reblooming Iris

Fragrant Dark Purple Iris! Reblooming Bearded Iris!

From $29.59

Tennessee White Crested Iris

Dwarf White Crested Iris! Native Shade Loving Iris!

From $24.59

Dwarf Blue Crested Iris

Native Crested Iris! Excellent for Small Gardens! Naturalizes Quickly!

From $24.59