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Evergreen Shrubs For Sale

Thuja Tater Tot

Great for edging pathways and an excellent boxwood alternative for defining garden settings.

On sale! For as low as $16.28

Anna's Magic Ball

Anna's Magic Ball Arborvitae Thuja occidentalis is a dwarf evergreen mounded shrub garden plant. Separate your garden areas with this low growing evergreen shrub

From $21.59

Boxwood Wintergreen

The Wintergreen Boxwood is used as a low growing boxwood hedge or as a border defining the edges of both informal and formal gardens

On sale! for as low as $13.58

Holmstrup Arborvitae Tree

Excellent for privacy hedge lining driveways

From $24.59

Polar Gold  Arborvitae

Easy to grow and perfect for fencing

From $21.59

Bloom-A-Thon Wht. Azalea

Bloom-A-Thon White Azalea is a new re-blooming azalea that will bring new splashes of white blooms to your landscape in spring only to produce more new blooms again in late summer until hard frost

From $21.59

Yucca Color Guard

variegated Adam's Needle is a slow grower that will reach 3 to 5 feet at maturity with a 2 to 3 foot spread. One of Greenwood's favorite garden evergreen plants.

ONSALE! For as low as $15.58

Bloom-A-Thon Pink Azalea

Bloom-A-Thon Pink Double Azalea is now available and will bring new pink color to your landscape in spring only to produce more new blooms again in late summer until hard frost.

From $21.59

Sprinter Boxwood

improved, fast growing Winter Gem Boxwood which fills in more quickly than other boxwood varieties. Sprinter Buxus Boxwood offers beautiful glossy foliage and easy to grow as well as being a low maintenance

From $21.59


Sungold Cypress

The Sungold cypress golden evergreen's scale-like needles cling to weeping or semi-weeping branches. In summer it is very green, having good winter yellows if placed in a sunny location.

From $24.59


California Privet Shrubs

California Privet Shrubs are fast growing semi-evergreen shrubs that are commonly used for shrub hedges and privacy hedges.

As low as $4.32 per plant

Celtic Pride Cypress

This Siberian Cypress Microbiota decussata is a low evergreen shrub with wonderful winter color. The green foliage of this cypress turns to more of a russet color in winter. 

From $21.59

Brass Buckle Ilex | Dwarf

a dwarf Japanese holly plant with a beautiful evergreen foliage and an excellent boxwood alternative shrub. Perfect for edging walks or bordering any area in your yard or garden.

From $21.59


Nandina Gulf Stream

Nandina Gulf Stream Shrubs are one of our most colorful evergreen shrubs. The new red growth of this dwarf Nandina​ deepens in fall.

From $9.59

Russian Olive Shrubs

Russian Olive Bushes are extremely tolerant of environmental factors. The best windbreak plant for high wind areas

As low as $4.32 per plant

Viburnum Pragense

The Pragense Viburnum is a fragrant late spring bloomer that has lots of winter interest with its show fruit. Makes an excellent privacy hedge plant or foundation plant.

From $8.59

Winter Gem Boxwood

Winter Gem is considered the classic evergreen boxwood hedge plant in the 2-3 foot hedge range especially pretty against red brick homes.

From $22.59

Wedding Ring Boxwood

The Wedding Ring Boxwood Shrub an interesting small growing evergreen for bordering small gardens or defining landscaped areas.

From $19.59

Dwarf Nandina Firepower

Dwarf Nandina Firepower are bright compact dwarf evergreen shrubs with lime green leaves and colorful fire red fall foliage. Dwarf Firepower is the perfect accent plant for Oriental gardens or for shaded landscapes.

From $12.59

Chuck Hayes Gardenia

Our Gardenia plants ship as available throughout the year are especially favorites during the holiday season for hostess and seasonal gifts

From $23.95


Jazz Hands Dwarf Pink Loropetalum

Jazz Hands® Loropetalum is a perfect small flowering shrub. This evergreen red to purple foliage is also heat tolerant. Add interest to foundation plantings

From $32.59

Iberis Snowsation Candytuft

Candytuft grows best in early spring when the frost is still present. It blooms in large white flowers which cover the tiny leaves for the whole period. It becomes the center of attraction in the garden.

From $21.59

Green Mountain Boxwood

The Buxus sempervirens 'Green Mountain is commonly used for hedges, knot gardens, container plants, and backdrops for bright perennial plants.

From $22.59

Sunset Glow Bamboo

One of the most beautiful bamboo plants, the Sunset Glow Bamboo, Fargesia rufa. It is a non-runnning and non-invasive bamboo growing to 8 feet and provides a nice hedge or privacy screen year around.

From $33.95