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Buy Bare Root Trees

Amelanchier canadensis

The beautiful flowers are plentiful, fragrant, and grouped in showy white clusters. A very showy plant in the landscape

Buy as low as $3.92 per plant

Diana Rose of Sharon Tree

Tree-form 'Diana' Rose of Sharon bloom from mid summer to frost when few other white flowering plants are in bloom.

From $27.59

Arden Rose of Sharon Tree

a tree-form of the popular Ardens Rose of Sharon plant - dbl petaled purple blooms

From $27.95

Willow Hybrid Trees

Fast growing, the picture was taken by a customer 3 years after planting our trees.

you can buy as low as $3.72 a tree


Quaking Aspen Trees

A beautiful fast growing native tree with heart shaped leaves that tremble in a light breeze

From $9.59

Red Flowering Quince

Early Spring blooms on the Red Flowering Quince are one of the beautiful signs of spring

From $8.59

GSP Black Walnut Trees

Fast growing, straighter then regular black walnutsbears abundant nut crops each year and has won awards as a major timber production tree

From $8.44



Gobbler Sawtooth Oak

Turkey hunters plant this tree because it produces the size of nut fruit the turkey can easily eat.

From $19.59

Siouxland Cottonwood Trees

excellent rapid growing shade tree - seedliess

From $8.59

Lombardy Poplar Trees

A fast-growing tree as a hedge or border

As low as $3.92 per tree

Hybrid Poplar Trees

one of our best sellers - becomes a living hedge barrier in one to two years

As low as $3.92 each tree