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Vinca minor Ground Cover

A Greenwood BEST SELLER - Vinca, common name periwinkle, is one of the faster growing ground cover plants for covering large areas

as low $16.29 per package of 50 plants.

English Ivy

product not available at this time

Amethyst Falls Wisteria

Amethyst Falls Wisteria, a hybrid purple flowering wisteria, is a fast growing vine often used to grow on trellises and arbors.

From $18.95

Goji Berry Plants 'Big Lifeberry'

Easy to Grow Goji Berry Plants - 

Orange Trumpet Creeper

Orange Trumpet Creeper | Hummingbird Vine -

Sweet Summer Love Clematis

Clematis Sweet Summer Love Vines - 

Major Wheeler Vine Honeysuckle

Major Wheeler Vine Honeysuckle

Gelsemium rankinii | Swamp Jessamine

Gelsemium rankinii | Swamp Jessamine 

Swamp Jessamine will delight your garden trellis or arbor all spring and summer long.

Vinca Major Ground Cover

Vinca Major Ground Cover | Big Leaf Periwinkle - 

Purple Wintercreeper

Purple Wintercreeper | Euonymus Coloratus fortunei

Lonicera Serotina Belgica Honeysuckle Vine

Lonicera Serotina Belgica Honeysuckle Vine is a honeysuckle vine that is not an aggressive vine.

Hardy Kiwi | Actinidia arguta

Hardy Kiwi Actinidia arguta

Jackmanii Clematis

Jackmanii Clematis Purple Flowering Vine -

Baltic Ivy

Plant Baltic Ivy in hard to grow areas for ground cover.

Bignonia Tangerine Beauty

Bignonia Tangerine Beauty | Crossvine

Madame Galen Trumpet Creeper

Madame Galen Trumpet Creeper or Campsis radicans is a self clinging trailing plant.

Vinca Minor 'Ralph Shugert'

Vinca Minor 'Ralph Shugert' is a mat forming variegated flowering ground cover that once established spreads quickly.

Creeping Wire Vine | Muehlenbeckia

Muehlenbeckia Creeping Wire Vine

Pink Champagne Clematis

Spring Flowering Pink Champagne Clematis -

Red Wall Virginia Creeper

Red Wall Virginia Creeper is a fast growing vine with glossy dark green foliage that changes to fire engine red in fall.

Yellow Trumpet Creeper

Grow Yellow Trumpet Creeper on trellises or arbors for a summer flower show.

Happy Jack Clematis

Happy Jack Clematis - Flowering Vines -

Happy Jack Clematis

Happy Jack Clematis - Flowering Vines -

Fireworks Clematis

Fireworks Clematis Purple Flowering Vines