Yucca Color Guard

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Yucca Color Guard is the choice plant for difficult sites. Forming a large evergreen mound, the Color Guard Yucca filamentosa produces long narrow leaves that are green variegated with yellow centers. This variegated Adam's Needle is a slow grower that will reach 3 to 5 feet at maturity with a 2 to 3 foot spread. One of Greenwood's favorite garden evergreen plants.

In mid to late summer the Color Guard Yucca produces a large white flower head. Yucca Tip: once completed its blooming, remove the spent flower and its stem.

As typical with yucca plants, plant the Color Guard Yucca in full sun with average to dry soil. Adaptable to most any soil type. Tip: divide yucca plants approximately every 5 to 6 years. Yucca is native to the US coastal lowlands of the Gulf and South Atlantic regions.

  • Evergreen
  • Drought tolerant
  • Deer resistant
  • Rabbit resistant
  • Specimen plant

Planting Yucca plants:

Dig a hole about 3 times as wide as the root plug and 2 times the depth. Fill hole with water. Water should quickly drain out within about an hour, otherwise the area is too wet for this yucca plant. Plant so that the top of the root system is about an inch higher than the soil level. Allow this top part of the root system to dry out before watering again.

When watering, apply approximately 1 inch of water or water the top 1/3 of the soil when dry. Water weekly during spring, summer and fall. Plant in well drained to dry soil areas. During winter, water monthly if no rainfall.

Great for planting in containers with drainage holes.


Yucca Color Guard is grown in: 

  • 3 Inch/pint size pot
  • Quart size pot

Plants shipping to CA and AZ addresses may be bare rooted before being prepped for shipping.

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