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Acer Peaches and Cream

Peaches and Cream is a Japanese Maple with white based leaves with dark green veining. Ends and tips change out to reddish shades and remain throughout the summer months.

From $21.95

American Pillar Arborvitae

Imagine easily planting a 1 to 2 foot tall plant and after the first year planted, it begins growing at least 3 feet each year! Space at 2.5 to 3 feet apart for a hedge in just 2 to 3 years.

On SALE now from $28.19

Polar Gold  Arborvitae

Naturally, the plant grows as a dense triangular mass, that almost resembles a pyramid. Given that they are already thin, you really don’t need to worry about pruning them. Another Proven Winners perfection!

From $21.59

Holmstrup Arborvitae Tree

Prized for its beautiful conifer foliage, the Holmstrup Eastern Arborvitae holds its dark green color throughout the winter months.

From $24.59

Nanking Cherry

The fruit of the Prunus tomentosa is commonly used in pies and jellies and is a good choice for wildlife plantings and windbreaks

As low as $3.72 per plant

Natchez Crape Myrtle

recognized as the top performing Crape myrtle tree variety as well as one of the most popular summer flowering trees

From $21.59

Glowing Embers

product not available at this time

Jap. Maple Tamukeyama

Tamukeyama holds its deep color better than any other cultivar

From $39.95

Amelanchier canadensis

The beautiful flowers are plentiful, fragrant, and grouped in showy white clusters. A very showy plant in the landscape

Buy as low as $3.92 per plant

Diana Rose of Sharon Tree

Tree-form 'Diana' Rose of Sharon bloom from mid summer to frost when few other white flowering plants are in bloom.

From $27.59

Arden Rose of Sharon Tree

a tree-form of the popular Ardens Rose of Sharon plant - dbl petaled purple blooms

From $27.95

Willow Hybrid Trees

Fast growing, the picture was taken by a customer 3 years after planting our trees.

you can buy as low as $3.72 a tree


Quaking Aspen Trees

A beautiful fast growing native tree with heart shaped leaves that tremble in a light breeze

From $9.59

Sugar Maple Tree

Sugar Maple Tree is a favorite of the large growing shade trees.

From $21.59

October Glory Red Maple

October Glory Maple is hardy from the Northern US border all the way south to Florida.

From $21.59

Japanese Butterfly Maple

product not available at this time

Acer palmatum Bonfire

product not available at this time

Japanese Red Maple

This Japanese maple leafs out with deep red burgundy leaves turning to a beautiful scaret red for fall

From 21.59

Japanese Red Maple

This Japanese maple leafs out with deep red burgundy leaves turning to a beautiful scaret red for fall

From 21.59

Autumn Blaze Maple

The fastest growing of the red hybrid maples. The Autumn Blaze Maple Tree comes to life in fall with orange to red foliage

From $21.59

Brandywine Maple Tree

Brandywine Maple tree is the number one choice for lawn, shade, or street trees

From $7.59

Pin Oak Trees

one of the fastest growing oaks usually attaining 12 to 15 feet of height over a 5 to 7 year period

From $21.59

Red Flowering Quince

Early Spring blooms on the Red Flowering Quince are one of the beautiful signs of spring

From $8.59

Sawtooth Oak Trees

Fast growing tree with clean glossy foliage, producing acorns within 3 to 5 years after planting

From $21.59