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Lavender Plants

Hidcote Blue Lavender

Buy Hidcote Blue Lavender Plants

Provence Lavender Plants

Provence Lavender Plants

Lady Lavender Plants

Fragrant Lady Lavender Plants

Lady Lavender plants are one of the most fragrant of Lavender plant varieties.

Kew Red Lavender Plants

Spanish Lavender Kew Red blooms earlier than other lavender plants.

Kew Red Lavender Plants are sure be fun additions to your lavender landscape. 

Grosso Lavender Plants

Grosso Lavender Plants, lavandula intermedia 'Grosso', lavender plants for sale and are the most fragrant of all the lavender plants.

Phenomenal Lavender Plants

Phenomenal Lavender Plants

Introduced in 2012, Phenomenal Lavender Plants will prove to be one of the hardiest lavenders available. 

Lavender Plants Collection

Our Lavender Plants Collection is a sampling of our 3 best selling Lavender plant varieties.

Munstead Lavender Plants

Fragrant Munstead Lavender Plants for Sunny Garden Areas.

French Perfume Lavender

Lavandula angustifolia 'French Perfume' - 

Lavender Fred Boutin

Lavandula intermedia 'Fred Boutin' - French Hybrid Lavender - 

Blue Cushion Lavender

Blue Cushion Lavender - Fragrant Perennial Plant

SuperBlue English Lavender

Lavender SuperBlue - 

SuperBlue English Lavender

Lavender SuperBlue -