Rosemary Hill Hardy

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HILL HARDY ROSEMARY - Dwarf Rosemary - 

Hill Hardy Rosemary is among the greatest and best-known herbs that you can use as a flower for your garden, or for your flower pots. For a fact, this herb is not just a herb for the eyes, you can pluck the leaves and add it to breads, stews or any meal that needs the delicious, aromatic rosemary smell in it.

The Hill Hardy Rosemary grows well hand in hand with other flower varieties. When planting it, make sure that the area has lots of light and lots of water. This is the only way to ensure that the herb remains healthy throughout the year.

This dwarf rosemary is cold hardy. It grows through the seasons like a breeze, as long as it has enough water. It also happens to be highly drought tolerant. This is why you will find the dwarf herb in the warm areas, just as much as you would find it in the colder ones. It really doesn't matter where your abode is, Rosemary is very adaptable.

While it would be apt to talk about the diminutive size of the plant, it would also be apt to say that the hardy Rosemary is deer resistant, bee-friendly, and rabbit resistant. You really don't need to worry about the ever-aggravating rodents with this herb in the kitchen garden. On the other hand, however, the erect, vertical growth of the plant makes it great for topiary gardening.

As with most rosemary, the Hill Hardy needs relatively little tending. Apart from needing water in a reasonable quantity, it pretty much thrives on its own. You will find it great as a protection plant for other plants in the garden, or as a potted plant. The vertical growth, plus its ever-present aromatic scent makes it great for the pots


Hill Hardy Rosemary is grown in 2 sizes:

  • Pint Pots
  • Quart Pots - inquire on availability. SOLD OUT 2023. NOW BOOKING FOR SPRING 2024.
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