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Privacy Hedge Shrubs

Jersey Blueberry Bush

The Jersey Blueberry matures in August with medium berries that area dark blue sweet and one of the more popular blueberry bushes that is easy to grow.

From $24.59

Mount Airy Fothergilla

The colorful fall foliage is second only to the honey scented spring blooms of the Mount Airy Fothergilla.

From $28.59

Nandina Gulf Stream

Nandina Gulf Stream Shrubs are one of our most colorful evergreen shrubs. The new red growth of this dwarf Nandina​ deepens in fall.

From $9.59

Willow Nishiki Shrub

It is a fast growing shrub that can be planted for plant hedges, privacy screens, windbreaks, or to line a road or driveway. A very showey plant for your landscape

From $7.59

Russian Olive Shrubs

Russian Olive Bushes are extremely tolerant of environmental factors. The best windbreak plant for high wind areas

As low as $4.32 per plant

Caragana Peashrub

Caragana Siberian Peashrub Flowering Shrubs is a native deciduous shrub that provides a dense windbreak cover or screen where growing conditions are otherwise difficult.

As ;pw as $3.72 per plant

Bloomerang Dark Purple

The reblooming Dark Purple Lilac produces initial flowers in spring only to begin blooming again in summer on to fall.

From $34.95

Viburnum Pragense

The Pragense Viburnum is a fragrant late spring bloomer that has lots of winter interest with its show fruit. Makes an excellent privacy hedge plant or foundation plant.

From $8.59

Viburnum Alleghany

From April to May, fragrant white flowers form clusters over the shrub changing to red fruit by late summer and black for winter.

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Chokeberry Low Scape

This non-suckering chokeberry bush Low Scape Hedger is a great option to red twig dogwood for a flowering hedge. White flowers appear in spring after the green foliage.

From $18.59

Fire Light Hydrangea

Hydrangea Fire Light are hardy hydrangeas and will grow as far north as into zone 3 and heat hardy into zone 9. The Fire Light Hydrangea sets a new standard for Hydrangea paniculata

From $32.59

Old Fashioned Snowball

the old fashioned snowball shrub that we remember from our grandparents gardens that would be covered from top to bottom with masses of pure white ball shaped blooms in late spring. 

As low as $8.59

Blushing Bride

Blusing Bride Rose of Sharon unfolds with large double pink flowers that start in mid summer onto frost when very few of other pink flowering shrubs are in bloom

From $9.59

Korean Spice Viburnum

The Korean Spice Carlesii Viburnum packs a huge punch as a fragrant flowering shrub. March and April will find your Carlesii Viburnum covered with cluster like blooms up to 3 inches across.

From $7.59

Azurri Blue Satin

This unique blue flowering shrub will make a beautiful addition to your garden.

From $19.59

Judd Viburnum

Spring flowering shrubs with delightfully sweet fragrance are not as common as you'd think. However with the Juddi Viburnum thhe fragrance is undeniable and a spring flowering treat. 

From $8.59

Sonic Bloom Pink Weigela

Beginning in May, this amazing new pink weigela flowering shrub will bloom to frost. The Weigela Sonic Bloom Pink produces hot pink blooms. 

From $32.59

Ardens Rose of Sharon


The Ardens Rose of Sharon Bushes are valued for its large double, rose purple flowers containing a maroon blotch that blooms mid to late summer when few other flowering shrubs are in bloom.

From $9.59

Lucy Rose of Sharon

Lucy Rose of Sharon Shrubs are popular because of their large double red flowers that bloom in mid to late summer when few other flowering shrubs are in bloom

From $9.59

Aphrodite Rose of Sharon

The Aphrodite Rose of Sharon, or hibiscus syriacus, are valued for their large single dark pink flowers with dark red eye that bloom in mid-to late summer when few other pink flowering shrubs bloom

From $9.59

Diana Rose of Sharon

The Diana Rose of Sharon are known for their beautiful large single white flowers that bloom from mid summer to frost when few other white flowering shrubs are in bloom.

From $9.59

Winter Gem Boxwood

Winter Gem is considered the classic evergreen boxwood hedge plant in the 2-3 foot hedge range especially pretty against red brick homes.

From $22.59

Dwarf Nandina Firepower

Dwarf Nandina Firepower are bright compact dwarf evergreen shrubs with lime green leaves and colorful fire red fall foliage. Dwarf Firepower is the perfect accent plant for Oriental gardens or for shaded landscapes.

From $12.59

Blue Arctic Willows

Fast growing shrub, the Blue Arctic Willow matures in approximately 10 feet tall and as wide in spread. Rapid growing used as a screening plant to hide unsightly areas

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