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2 - 3ft at Maturity

Invincibelle Mini Mauvette Hydrangea

This mini hydrangea is unlike anything that you’ve ever seen, bloom time for the invincibelle ruby mauvette begins in early summer and given the fact that it is a rebloomer, runs through fall.

From $32.59

Hypericum Sunny Boulevard

product not available at this time

Happy Face Potentilla

product not available at this time

Hydrangea Invincibelle Ruby

The Hydrangea Invincibelle Ruby is a small bush that grows a dependable amount of flowers in pink to burgundy shades as a continual rebloomer.

From $32.59

Yucca Bright Edge

product not available at this time

Invincibelle Limetta Hydrangea

Beautiful green blooms steal the show from summer to fall. Flowers open in early summer as lime green softening to greenish-white and then variations of jade green on to fall.

From $21.59

Purple Haze Buddleia

product not available at this time

Juke Box xPyracomeles

The Juke box xpyracomeles is a dwarf evergreen shrub that grows quite well in the sun or in the shade and makes an ideal trouble-free boxwood alternative.

From $21.59

Instant Butterfly Garden Plant Packages

Specially selected plants to attract butterflies, also bring hummingbirds and bees to your garden

A $90.00 value for $74.95

Tuff Stuff Dwarf Hydrangea

Starting in late spring as creamy white florets, these lacecap flowers mature to an intense pink, re-blooming up to frost.

From $32.59


Julia Child Rose Bushes

Julia Child Rose Shrub is round bushy flowering shrubs with butter gold blossoms that fill the area with licorice candy and spice aromas.

From $27.59

Red Flowering Quince

Early Spring blooms on the Red Flowering Quince are one of the beautiful signs of spring

From $8.59

Siberian Iris Caeser's Brother

Siberian Iris Caesers Brother

Variegated Zebra Iris - Iris pallida Aureo

Iris pallida Aureo - Zebra Iris Yellow Striped - 

Rosalie Figge Iris | Reblooming Bearded Iris

Rosalie Figge Iris | German Tall Bearded Iris -

Fragrant, dark purple blooms.


Iris 'Feed Back'

'Feed Back' Tall Bearded Iris

Midnight Treat Tall Bearded Iris

Midnight Treat Tall Reblooming Bearded Iris -

Purple and Black bi-tone flowers. German bearded iris.


Iris Immortality

Immortality White Bearded Iris

Plant is currently shipping. Pure white blooms.

Daylily Hemerocallis South Seas

Hemerocallis South Seas Daylily

Perovskia Denim'n Lace Russian Sage

Finally, a strong upright Russian Sage.

Achillea Paprika

Achillea Paprika Yarrow - 

Daylily Bella Lugosi

Hemerocallis Bella Lugosi Purple Daylily - 

When the Daylily Hemerocallis Bella Lugosi blooms in midsummer, it will take your breath away.

Shasta Daisy Becky

Buy Shasta Daisy Becky For Your Garden - 

Achillea Sassy Summer Lemon Yarrow

Sassy Summer Lemon Yarrow -