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0 - 1ft at Maturity

Pachysandra Variegated

Variegated Evergreen Ground Cover! Grows in dense shade!

Potted - From $5.59

Bare Root Bundles of 25 - From $22.59 (Available in Summer to Fall)

Allstar Strawberry Plants

Frost Resistant Plants!

5 Potted Plants - From $15.59

Bare Root - Sold Out for Spring


Mazus Reptans

Tolerates foot traffic! Plant between stepping stones! Purple blue flowers in late spring to summer!

Potted Plants - From $7.29

Mazus Alba

Perfect for planting between stepping stones! White flower in late spring to summer!

Potted Plants - From $7.29

Dwarf Plumbago

Showy mat forming plants! Forms tight groundcover! Blue star shape flowers in August!

Potted Plants - From $6.29

Creeping Wire Vine

Excellent for Rock Gardens, Nooks & Crannies and Containers!

Potted Plants - From $6.29

Catlins Giant Carpet Ajuga

Large leafed ajuga! Fast Growing Groundcover! Large blue flower spikes in spring!

Container Grown - From $22.59

Stachys 'Helen von Stein'

Large fuzzy leaves! More compact than other Lamb's Ears!

Container Grown - From $18.59

Hypericum cal. St. John's Wort

Ground Cover Plant or small flowering shrub! Yellow flowers in full sun over spring and summer!

Potted Plants - From $7.59

Geranium Biokovo Cranesbill

Perennial Geranium! Clusters of white flowers with pink shading in spring!

2 Sizes - From $8.59

Artemisia Silver Mound

Spreading ground cover type perennial! Plant in full sun!

Potted Plants - From $7.59

Zagreb Coreopsis

Low growing! Native Wildflower! Pet friendly plant!

Container Grown - From $21.59

Verbena Homestead Red

Trailing verbena plant with deep red flowers during spring and summer!

Potted Plants - From $6.59

Verbena Homestead Purple

Trailing perennial with deep purple blooms! Blooms early summer to fall!

Potted Plants - From $6.29

Verbena Homestead Pink

Trailing flowering perennial! Deer resistant! Use in rock gardens and containers, too!

Potted Plants - From $6.29

Ajuga Blueberry Muffin

Fast Growing Ground Cover! Blueberry color flowers!

Potted Plants - From $8.59

This plant booking for Fall 2020!


Chocolate Chip Ajuga

Spreading plant with tight foliage!  Easy to grow! Use as a border plant, for edging walks, containers and ground cover!

Potted Plants - From $7.29

Ajuga Burgundy Glow

Perennial ground cover! Grows well in shade! Variegated with cream and maroon shades!

Potted Plants - From $5.29

Native Ginger

Native Wildflower! Plant in shaded areas! Spreads by rhyzomes to form ground cover in shade!

Container Grown - From $24.59

Mahogany Ajuga

Deep mahogany leaves! Tolerates deep shade and poor soil! Blue flowers in spring to early summer!

Potted Plants - From $5.29

Pardon My Pink Monarda

Small and compact for sunny nooks and crannies! Hot pink flowers for the summer! Deer resistant!

Container Grown - From $21.59

Celandine poppy

For Shaded and Woodland Garden Settings! Native to Eastern US! Pretty yellow flower drops in late spring to early summer!

Container Grown - From $19.59

Coreopsis Nana Mouse Ear

Native to Southern US! Attracts butterflies and native bees! Beautiful low growing wildflower!

Container Grown - From $17.59

Bishops Weed

Aggressive ground cover plant! Good for steep hillsides! Bright green leaves with white variegation!

Potted Plants - From $4.29