Sweet Charlie Strawberry Plugs

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Commercial strawberry farms plant strawberry plant plugs in fall for their spring harvests. Whether you are a pick-your-own strawberry operation or a gardener just wanting a spring crop of strawberries, planting strawberry plugs gives you the same commercial advantage. Plant our strawberry plugs in September and October for sweet, juicy and wonderfully delicious strawberries in spring.

The advantage of planting plugs over bare root strawberry plants is that with their heavy root system there is rarely a plant loss with proper care.

Plant now - Pick Spring when you buy our strawberry plant plugs online!

Also, Chandler Strawberry Plugs for fall shipping.


Sweet Charlie Strawberry Plant Plugs are plucked from their growing plug trays and bagged before being boxed for shipping.

Will have to Bare Root for shipping to CA and AZ

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Quantity1 - 1011 - 2021 - 3031 - Unlimited

Please Note: Beginning in September, many plants begin to go dormant.

Some plants may have already dropped their leaves, died back to the ground or are beginning to turn yellow when they arrive to you. Deciduous trees, shrubs, perennials and groundcovers do go dormant.

This is a normal stage for plants at this time of the year. Plant upon arrival as roots continue to grow while the ground is warm. Some plants require seasonal maintenance and may have been pruned.

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