Best Ideas for Ground Covers in Lawn Free Yards

With our best ways to use ground covers as lawn substitutes, you can retire your lawn mower. This is the time of year, most of us become disillusioned with our lawns. Water, aerate, water, reseed, water, fertilize, then repeat and that doesn’t include the mowing. It’s a never ending cycle. Customers send emails wanting to know how they can forget the grass and have something that is just not as time consuming.

Well...there are lawn options and planning is a must or you will be the neighborhood poster yard for weeds. Ground cover plants, ornamental grasses and perennials are popular, but we have more ideas.

Here are a few ideas for lawn substitutes:

  • Artificial grass (don’t laugh, it is being used quite often)
  • Clover
  • Landscape Pavers
  • Heavily chipped mulch
  • Pea gravel

Here are more ideas should you decide to go lawnless in the future. Lawn Substitutes

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