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Walk On Ground Cover Plants

Elfin Thyme

Elfin Thyme or Thymus serpyllum is a creeping aromatic semi-evergreen thyme that forms a dense mat. Ideal to plant between bricks or paving stones.

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Laurentia Blue Star Creeper

Laurentia Blue Star Creeper - 

Dwarf Mondo Grass

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Mazus Alba

Mazus Alba Walk on Ground Cover Plants

Mazus Reptans

Mazus reptans Walk On Ground Cover

Lamium | Dead Nettle

Lamium Dead Nettle Evergreen Perennial Plants

Veronica Georgia Blue

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Veronica Georgia Blue Ground cover is a low growing evergreen ground cover plant commonly used as a ground cover

Corsican Mint

Corsican Mint or Mentha requienii, is a ground cover with small, rounded, aromatic leaves and tiny light purple blooms in summer.

Vinca Minor 'Ralph Shugert'

Vinca Minor 'Ralph Shugert' is a mat forming variegated flowering ground cover that once established spreads quickly.

Red Creeping Thyme

Creeping Red Thyme is fast, low growing semi-evergreen thyme valued for its fragrant foliage

Delosperma Wheels of Wonder Hot Pink Wonder

Delosperma Wheels of Wonder Hot Pink

Wooly Thyme

Wooly Thyme

Anne Marie Ivy | Hedera Helix Ivy

Anne Marie Ivy | Hedra Helix Ivy