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Xeriscape Landscape Plants

Pardon My Pink Monarda

Compact growing bee balm for sunny nooks and crannies!

One Gallon Poted Plants - $22.95

Daisy May Shasta Daisy

The amazing Daisy May Shasta Daisy will begin blooming from mid spring through late fall (in warmer climates). Plant this classic perennial plant in your garden, to define a border or in container gardens where the light is bright. 

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Buddleia Buzz™ Midnight

Plant several in containers and set them near your sitting areas to enjoy their fragrance every evening. 

From $22.59

Little Goblin Red Ilex

Little Goblin Guy Ilex - Its small size makes it ideal for residential landscapes, and is also ideal for mass plantings, gardens, or for holiday cut branches, container plant, or border plant.

From $21.59

Majorca Pink Rosemary

Upright Majorca Pink Rosemary Shrubs

Hot Rod Switch Grass

Panicum Hot Rod Switchgrass

Yucca Color Guard

variegated Adam's Needle is a slow grower that will reach 3 to 5 feet at maturity with a 2 to 3 foot spread. One of Greenwood's favorite garden evergreen plants.

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Peppy Le Pom

This is definitely the queen of the patios. The Peppy Le Pom is ranked among the best patio plants you will come across anywhere!. Be the first on your street to own one

From $21.59

Brass Buckle Ilex | Dwarf

a dwarf Japanese holly plant with a beautiful evergreen foliage and an excellent boxwood alternative shrub. Perfect for edging walks or bordering any area in your yard or garden.

From $21.59


Elfin Thyme

Elfin Thyme or Thymus serpyllum is a creeping aromatic semi-evergreen thyme that forms a dense mat. Ideal to plant between bricks or paving stones.

From $7.59

Elijah Blue Fescue

The perfect garden plant, you can plant the Elijah Blue Fescue in mass groupings, along borders, dry stream beds or as an edge for a garden or landscape area. Drought resistant once established. 

From $7.59

Barbeque Rosemary

The Barbeque Rosemary plant produces straight stems that are sturdy enough for using as skewers for grilling vegetables, fish, seafood, and meats. Leave the Barbeque Rosemary leaves on the skewers to impart the rosemary flavor into the grilled foods and wonderful aroma throughout. 

From $7.59


Angelina Sedum Stonecrop

Plant Sedum Angelina in hanging baskets and patio containers. This creeping sedum is a strong grower and drought resistant. It is one of the more popular sedum plants for its fast growth.

From $6.59

Salvia May Night

An easy to grow medium perennial plant that works perfectly in any full sun gardens landscape.

From $8.59

Greek Oregano

You'll enjoy growing your own easy to grow, fresh Greek Oregano. Grow it for the fragrance, the beautiful leaves, and the wonderful compliments to tomato dishes.

From $7.59

Oregano Hot and Spicy

Take regular oregano add peppery flavor and you have Hot and Spicy Oregano. It's perfect for Mexican dishes and other Latin dishes

From $7.59

Monarda Blue Stocking

The Blue Stocking is very attractive plant and acts as a magnet to attracting bees and hummingbirds.

From $7.59


Nepeta Cat's Meow Catmint

Nepeta Cat's Meow is not only wonderfully fragrant perennial, but heat and drought tolerant and attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds

From $21.59

Monarda Fire Ball Bee Balm

The Fire Ball Monarda is a mid-summer heavy blooming perennial bee balm with showy, aromatic, bright scarlet red flowers.

From $7.59

Amethyst Falls Wisteria

Amethyst Falls Wisteria, a hybrid purple flowering wisteria, is a fast growing vine often used to grow on trellises and arbors.

From $18.95

Jazz Hands Dwarf Pink Loropetalum

Jazz Hands® Loropetalum is a perfect small flowering shrub. This evergreen red to purple foliage is also heat tolerant. Add interest to foundation plantings

From $32.59

Iberis Snowsation Candytuft

Candytuft grows best in early spring when the frost is still present. It blooms in large white flowers which cover the tiny leaves for the whole period. It becomes the center of attraction in the garden.

From $21.59

Pugster Blue Buddleia

The Pugster® Blue Buddleia is part of a new Dwarf Butterfly Bush Collection. Fragrant flowers open up on this small flowering shrub in early summer and continue on to early fall.

From $21.59

Juke Box xPyracomeles

The Juke box xpyracomeles is a dwarf evergreen shrub that grows quite well in the sun or in the shade and makes an ideal trouble-free boxwood alternative.

From $21.59