Why Mow Your Lawn When Lawn-Free Yard Alternatives are Available?

Why Mow Your Lawn When Lawn-Free Yard Alternatives are Available?

You don't want to spend your weekends on nothing but lawn care. Do you? We have lawn free yard alternatives for you to plant instead of growing the traditional grass in your yard. 

Plant a no mow yard instead. Fill the area with spreading perennials and ground cover plants that will provide your old lawn with a new life of color and beauty. Till, plant and enjoy!

This is the time of year, most of us become disillusioned with our lawns. Water, aerate, water, re-seed, water, fertilize, then repeat and that doesn't include the mowing. It's a never ending cycle. Customers send emails wanting to know how they can forget the grass and have something that is just not as time consuming. 

Well...there are lawnless options and planning is a must or you will be the neighborhood poster yard for weeds. Ground cover plants, ornamental grasses and spreading perennials are popular, but there are more ways to fill in your old lawn area. 

Cheryl Jones notes, "This is a frequent question that I get once mowing season begins. Some of our favorite lawnless yard plants are vinca, wintercreeper, pachysandra, creeping phlox, creeping thymes, mints and sedum, or stonecrop." Jones adds, "Lawn alternatives are gaining in popularity. Homeowners would rather have color, fragrance and beauty with little work than a time consuming yard."
More ideas for lawn substitutes are sowing wildflower seeds, small growing shrubs, ground cover roses, clover, xeriscape plants, pea gravel, heavily chipped mulch, landscape pavers, and artificial grass (don't laugh, it is used quite often).
Visit Lawn Free Yard Plants for more ideas on creating a garden rather than a lawn.