All Perennials

Hosta Blue Mouse Ears
Oregano Hot and Spicy
Mexican Feather Grass
Elijah Blue Fescue
Barbeque Rosemary
Heuchera Southern Comfort
Yucca Color Guard
Japanese Painted Ferns
Red Wall Virginia Creeper
Madame Galen Trumpet Creeper
Yellow Trumpet Creeper
Major Wheeler Vine Honeysuckle
Golden Japanese Ogon Sedum
Hen and Chicks Plants
Berggarten Sage
Climbing Hydrangea
Mahogany Ajuga
Creeping Raspberry
Snowcap Shasta Daisy
Coreopsis Moonbeam
Aster Purple Dome
Salvia May Night
Chocolate Mint
Blue Star Creeper Isotoma fluviatilis
Provence Lavender Plants