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Xtreme Mycos 30 Fertilize and Inoculant

Xtreme Mycos 30 Fertilize and Inoculant
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Mykos 30 is the mycorrhizal inoculant of choice for competitive growers (containing a 6-4-4 blend of organic fertilize) combined with top-quality organic nutrients for consistent and amazing growth.

Mykos 30 produces healthy, nutritious fruits & vegetables, beautiful flower beds, new planting of trees and shrubs, potted plants, and are applicable to your entire home gardening needs.

Mykos 30 ensures vigorous growth and exceptional yields. If you want amazing yields on your fruiting plans and terrific all season growth without additional fertilize on all your plants, then look no further. Mykos 30 unlock nutrients and minerals which are normally inaccessible to ordinary root systems.

Application Rates: Apply evenly to the surface of seed or transplant bed at a rate of 1 lb per 20 Square feet. 

Potted plants Mix into soil at rate of 1/3 cup per cubic foot.

Application per plant:  2 tablespoons