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Bulb Saver - Organic Repellent

Bulb Saver - Organic Repellent
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Protect your bulbs.

Wildlife is watching and waiting to gather your spring or fall planted bulbs. Give them a bad taste so they'll leave them alone.

Safe to use around pets, family and doesn't harm wildlife.

Step 1 - Bulb Saver mixes with warm water to make 2 quarts of liquid to dip bulbs in before planting.

Step 2 - Bulb Saver Mycortabs - plant one tablet with each bulb. Repelling flavor is systemically absorbed into the bulb which imparts a strong smell and taste that burrowing animals including squirrels, chipmunks, voles and gophers wil leave alone. Plus, Bulb Saver Mycrotabs contain a 5-5-5 fertilize blend good for up to 2 years.

Use the combo for total repellent conditioning. The only organic repellent system to protect your fall planted bulbs from burrowing wildlife looking for winter food.