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Mycrotabs Fertilizer Tablets

Mycrotabs Fertilizer Tablets
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Our Mycrotabs Fertilizer Tablets consist of a fertilize component of 10-8-8 NPK and Beneficial soil microbes that help a plant to develop a great root system. (20 Species Endo/Ectomycorrhizal + 10 species of beneficial bacteria to promote root growth and nutrient uptake). The Mycrotabs Fertilizer Tablets are, also, part of our 2 step system for deer control.

Mycortabs gives the plant the ability to take up beneficial nutrients in the soil, use less water, along with better uptake of fertilize. So you get a 50% reduction in both fertilization and 50% reduction in watering ratesOne tab per plant, placed 2 inches below the soil, lasts a full growing season in Annuals/Perennials or 2 years in ornamental evergreens. 

Mycrotabs contain the bittering agent Bitrex. Mycrotabs are restricted from use on food, fruit or any feed crops.


Available as bottle containing 25 fertilizer tablets.