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Snake Repellent

Snake Repellent
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Finally a Snake Repellent that is environmentally safe as well as being safe for use around pets, children, ponds and even fish if it should find its way into the water. Snakes are attracted to water during the heat of summer, making your ponds and water fountains magnets for them. Sprinkle our Snake Repellent and safely keep snakes away.

Liquid Fence Snake Repellent - Snakes hate it! Lasts up to 4 full weeks… Revolutionary, eco-safe formula encapsulates and preserves the effectiveness of the natural essential oil ingredients. As it biodegrades, it slowly releases the oils, creating time-release, long-lasting guaranteed-effective repellency. With its easy “shake-to-apply” bottle, this Naphthalene-Free repellent requires no spreader.

Liquid Fence Snake Repellent Granular has been tested and proven effective against many common snakes by an independent lab. Please note that repellency is unique to the individual snake, not just the species or genus. Therefore, results may vary. How it works.

The unique combination of ingredients in Liquid Fence Snake Repellant Granular irritate and confuse a snake’s chemosensory systems (sense of taste and smell). When these senses are baffled, the snake is unable to gather information about its surrounding environment, forcing it to look elsewhere to survive. Its timed-release biodegradable formula makes this repellent highly-effective and long-lasting.

Naphthalene-free means no worries! Scientific studies have shown that naphthalene presents health hazards to both humans and animals. Liquid Fence Snake Repellent contains NO Naphthalene.

For Overall Coverage: Apply Liquid Fence Snake Repellent Granular evenly on and around areas where snakes are present such as lawns, patios, sidewalks, rocks, flagstones and around exterior foundations. 

For a perimeter barrier: Create a 2 to 3 foot wide band around property, buildings or landscaped garden areas.

Liquid Fence Snake Repellent Granular provides repellency for up to 4 weeks. Reapply as needed. Additional and/or more liberal applications may be required depending on the degree of snake infestation. This product is intended for outdoor use.

• Time-Release, long lasting: Lasts up to 4 full weeks
• Easy-shaker bottle, no spreader needed
• Environmentally safe
• Great for campers, too!
• Bilingual English /Spanish labels

Coverage Rates:
Snake Repellent Granular 2 Pound container covers 1,000 square feet