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1 -2ft at Maturity

Red Hot Returns Daylily

Semi-Evergreen Foliage! Large Red Daylilies from Summer to Fall!

From $19.59

Orange Vols Daylily Hemerocallis

UT Volunteers Orange Colors!

2 Sizes - From $9.59

Georgia Peach Coral Bells

Peach Color Foliage! 

From $28.59

Palace Purple Coral Bells Heuchera

Large Maple Shaped Leaves Ranging from Deep Green to Purple!

2 Sizes - From $7.59

Hosta Happy Dayz

Yellow Centers with Blue Green Margins!

From $15.59

Hosta Fire and Ice

Variegated with Contrasting Broad Leaves!

2 Sizes - From $12.59

Variegated Liriope

Semi-Evergreen Liriope! Great for Edging, Deer Tolerant, Berries for Bird Food!

2 Sizes - From 8.29

Creeping Lilyturf

Fast Spreading Groundcover! White to Lavender Flowers in late Summer!

From $15.59

Acorus Ogon Grass

Low Growing Golden Sweet Flag Grass!

From $7.59

All Gold Japanese Forest Grass

Looks like Bamboo - but not invasive!

From $15.59

Helleborus Pink Frost

Varied Colors of Pink that Deepen to Burgundy as they age! Silver Frosting on Foliage!

From $32.59

Mixed Lenten Rose Hellebore

Mixed Lenten Rose Flowers!

From $24.59

Fanal Astilbe

Bright Red Flower Plumes for Summer blooms!

3.5 Inch Potted - From $8.59

Deutschland Astilbe

White Lacy Plumes against dark glossy foliage!

3.5 Inch Potted - From $8.59

Astilbe Vision in Red

Purple Red Plumes June to July!

One Gallon Potted - From $21.59

Astilbe Vision in Pink

Pink Plumes brighten full to part shade areas with wet to constantly moist soil!

One Gallon Potted - From $21.59

Astilbe Little Vision in Pink

Rose Pink Plumes from Late Spring to Mid Summer against bronze green leaves!

One Gallon Potted - From $21.59

Japanese Painted Ferns

Excellent companion plant for light to full shade areas! Low growing - under 2 feet in height!

From $8.59