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Blue Bloom Color

Creeping Rosemary

An evergreen ground cover in zones 7, 8, 9! Perennial in cooler climates!

Potted Plants - From $6.59

Laurentia Blue Star Creeper

Plant between stepping stones, in rock gardens, in containers or as a groundcover! Also tiny enough for Fairy Gardens!

Potted Plants - From $5.59

Rosemary Hill Hardy

Dwarf Rosemary! Grows in zones 6 to 10! Bee friendly and Deer resistant!

Potted Plants - From $8.59

Barbeque Rosemary

Straight stems sturdy enough for skewering seafood, fish, meats and veggies!

Potted Plants - From $7.59

Vinca Minor 'Ralph Shugert'

Variegated Vinca Ground Cover! Spreads quickly!

Potted Plants - From $5.59

Vinca Major Ground Cover

Perfect from hillsides, drainage ditches and areas where growing grass is difficult! Aggressive growing ground cover!

Bundle of 50 Plants - From $28.95

Vinca minor Ground Cover

Evergreen Vinca Ground Cover! 

Bare Root Bundles (50 Plants) - From $16.29

Potted Plants - From $4.29

Shade Loving Wildflower Seed Mix

Mixture of annuals and perennials! Grows in partially shaded areas!

Seed Packages - From $21.59

Nanho Blue Butterfly Bushes

Unusual Dark Blue to Purple Blooms! Blooms June to frost!

Potted Plants - From $8.59

Instant Butterfly Garden Packages

Plants cover 8x8 to 10x10 area! Welcome Butterflies to Your Garden with This Plant Package Selection!

Over $90.00 value for only $74.95!

Blue Chip Jr. Butterfly Bush

Small Growing Butterfly Bush! Produces little to no seeds!

One Gallon Container Grown - From $36.59

Pugster Blue Buddleia

Dwarf Butterfly Bush that only grows up to 2 feet tall! Excellent for small yards and containers!

Container Grown - From $21.59

Azurri Blue Satin Rose of Sharon

Huge Blue Flowers for your summer garden! Grows 6 to 10 feet tall! Produces few to no seeds!

Container Grown - From $19.59

Patriot Rose of Sharon

Celebrate red, white and blue flowers in mid to late summer! Excellent as single shrubs or for hedges!

Grown in Pots - From $8.59

Aquilegia Biedermeier Mix Columbine

Surprise Flowers in Pinks, Purples, Blues and Whites! Spring Flowering!

2 Sizes - From $7.59

Aquilegia Songbird Nightingale Columbine

Blue Purple Flowersin Spring to Summer! Non-Fading Blooms!

From $18.59

Aquilegia Spring Magic Blue and White Columbine

Blue Flowering! Excellent for Nook and Cranny areas and Woodland Gardens!

From $18.59

Agastache Blue Fortune

Blue Flowers! Peppermint-Lemon Scented Foliage!

From $8.59

Hosta Island Breeze

Mounded Plants with Chartreuse Centers! Doesn't attract Slugs as much as other hostas!

2 Sizes - From $14.59

Victoria Falls Iris

Long Blooming! Fragrant! Beautiful Light Blue Flowers!

From $29.59

Siberian Iris Caeser's Brother

A Gardener's Favorite Perennial! Sturdy Upright Stems!

From $24.59

Dwarf Blue Crested Iris

Native Crested Iris! Excellent for Small Gardens! Naturalizes Quickly!

From $24.59

Provence Lavender Plants

French Hybrid Lavender! Cultivated for Lavender Oil and Dried Buds!

2 Sizes - From $8.59

Liriope Big Blue

Gorgeous Evergreen Tufted Plants!

From $17.59