Red Maple Tree

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Red Maple Trees or Acer Rubrum, are excellent specimen tree with red blooms in mid to late March in most areas.

Then, In fall, the leaves of the  American Red Maple Tree turn a brilliant crimson red color. Red Maple Trees are one of our top five shade trees. A long lived shade tree, planting a red maple tree will bring fall foliage colors to your landscape for decades. ​

Americas Red Maple is tree native to North America growing in landscapes from Canada to Florida with many of the large specimen trees being viewed along the Eastern coast states. It is a fast growing shade and ornamental that is the most planted and the best selling tree in America. 

Red Maples are often seen growing on river banks and have a moderate tolerance to salt and alkali soils. They will grow in moist soil, but may not perform as well in continually damp to wet soils. Maple Trees are one of the largest growing shade trees. Their beautiful fall foliage in varied shades of red are striking throughout the autumn season.

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