Thuja Green Giant

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Thuja Green Giants are fast growing evergreen trees often used in privacy hedges. 

Lush, beautiful deep green, natural privacy can now be yours. The Green Giant Arborvitae growth rate, has led them to become one of the most popular privacy trees on the market today, and often seen advertised as a fast growing evergreen tree variety. 

Common uses for Arborvitae Green Giant, sometimes called Cedar Green Giants, are as privacy hedges or living fences. 

As a fast growing evergreen tree, the Cedar Green Giant has other great characteristics, too.

  • Deer resistant evergreen tree 
  • Disease and insect resistant
  • Better alternative to Leyland Cypress
  • Adaptable to almost any soil type
  • Drought resistant
  • Requires no pruning
  • Bag worm resistant
  • Grows in full sun to partial shade
  • Use as privacy hedges

And, an excellent alternative evergreen tree to the disease prone Leyland Cypress and Hemlocks, which are dying in the New England area.

If you have always wanted faster growing evergreen trees that can be used as a living fence or privacy hedge but the cost was too much, then the Thuja Green Giant or Hybrid Arborvitae may be your answer.

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The Thuja Green Giant is a rare hybrid between Western Red Cedar plicata and Thuja Standishii Cedar, and once established, is faster growing than its arborvitae relatives. 

Elegant and uniform, the Cedar Green Giant's conical shape needs no shearing or pruning. Plus it's cloaked in dense, dark, evergreen foliage all the way to the ground. 

A stunning choice for a private evergreen tree screen.

Plant five to eight feet apart for a fast privacy tree screen. 

Most vigorous growth will be in full sun, but also performs well in light shade. Best growth in planting zones 5 to 9.

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Thuja Cedar Green Giant Evergreen Trees are available in 3 sizes:

  • 2.5 Inch Pot 
  • Quart Pot 
  • Trade Gallon container

Plants shipping to CA and AZ addresses may be bare rooted before being prepped for shipping.

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