Chandler Blueberry Bush

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Chandler Blueberry Bushes - 

Prepare yourself for the mid-summer blueberry harvest of your Chandler Bush. The beautifully large blue berries are sweet and firm. This Northern Highbush is a late season producer with a longer than usual harvest period - usually 4 to 5 weeks. The Chandler like most other blueberry shrubs is considered to produce the largest blueberries of all blueberry bushes.

Chandler Blueberry plants perfer acidic soil that is in the 4.5 to 4.8 pH level.  An excellent blueberry bush for home gardens. 

The Chandler bushes are self pollinating meaning that they do not require a second plant to produce berries. Prune in winter for shape and to remove dead or crossing branches. Use a timed release fertilize blend in spring after leaves emerge. Mulch around base. 

Northern Highbush refers to North American blueberry species (native plants) that are taller growing and generally used for food production.


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