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Planting Zone 10

Chuck Hayes Gardenia

Excellent for gifts! Wonderfull fragrant flowers. Grows outdoors in zones 7 to 11!

Container Grown - From $23.95

Nandina Gulf Stream Shrubs

New red growth deepens in fall! White spike flowers in spring! Great for low hedges!

2 Sizes Container Grown

From $9.59

Peppy Le Pom Pomegranate Punica

Peppy Le Pom Punica is a dwarf pomegranate shrub that grows throughout the year. It blooms during the early summer, with the flowers generally present throughout the season. While the plant is beautiful, the flowers are jaw-dropping. Yes - it fruits!

Container Grown - From $21.59

Muscadine Black Beauty

Black Fruits! High Sugar Content! Requires Isons Variety to Pollinate!

Field Grown Vines - From $18.59

Muscadine Tara

Bronze Fruits! Self Fertile Plants! Cold Hardy!

Field Grown Vines - From $18.59

Muscadine Ison

Self Fertile! Deep Purple Fruits! 2 Year Old Vines!

Field Grown Vines - From $18.59

Sunshine Blue Blueberry Bush

Self Pollinating! Compact Growing! Mid to Late Season Harvest!

Container Grown - From $24.59

Murray Cypress Tree

A newer cultivar of the Leyland Cypress, Murray Cypress is an excellent choice for growing as Christmas Trees.

2.5" pot to a one gallon size as low as $7.29 per plant

Willow Oak Trees

Proabably one of the most attractive oak trees that is planted today. You will see many of these oak trees planted in public areas and along streets. Because of the thin leaf size clean up in the fall is minimal at leaf drop.

Quart potted from $21.59

Catlins Giant Carpet Ajuga

Large leafed ajuga! Fast Growing Groundcover! Large blue flower spikes in spring!

Container Grown - From $22.59

Banana Musa Siam Ruby

Ornamental banana plant! Create a tropical look in your garden!

Container Grown - From $21.59

Ensete Red Abyssinian

Give your patio, deck or garden a tropical look! Zones 8 to 11 - an annual in cooler areas!

Container Grown - From $38.95

Verbena Homestead Red

Trailing verbena plant with deep red flowers during spring and summer!

Potted Plants - From $6.59

Musa basjoo Cold Hardy Banana

Ornamental banana plant! Hardy into zone 5 with winter protection! Give your garden a tropical look!

Container Plants - From $17.59

Verbena Homestead Purple

Trailing perennial with deep purple blooms! Blooms early summer to fall!

Potted Plants - From $6.29

Coreopsis Moonbeam

Repeat bloomer! Yellow flowers June to frost!

Potted Plants - From $7.59

Verbena bonariensis Finesse

Fast growing perennial! Attracts butterflies, bees and hummingbirds!

Potted Plants - From $6.59

Verbena Homestead Pink

Trailing flowering perennial! Deer resistant! Use in rock gardens and containers, too!

Potted Plants - From $6.29

Gaillardia Mesa Red

Drought tolerant perennial! Colors stay strong throughout blooming!

Potted Plants - From $7.59

Colocasia Black Beauty

Tropical plant for full sun to part shade! Hardy in zones 8 to 10 - Annual in cooler zones!

2 Sizes - From $14.59

Monardella Marian Sampson

Tiny plant with tube shape clustered red flowers in spring! Drought tolerant! Perfect for Rock Gardens!

Potted Plants - From $7.29

Lemon Grass

Used primarily in Asian cooking, teas and soups! Outdoor hardy in zones 9 to11. Grow indoors in cooler zones!

Potted Plants - From $8.59

Elfin Thyme

Aromatic sem-evergreen thyme! Tiny lavender flowers in summer!

Potted Plants - From $7.59

Society Garlic Herbs

Grows like chives! Slight taste of Garlic!

Potted Plants - From $7.59