Planting Small Fruiting Plants within the Landscape an Age Old Idea

What do Europeans know that we, Americans, don't? Well, they've been planting fruiting plants right alongside shrubs and perennials for centuries. It's time we followed suit and did the same.
The average American home should be able to incorporate 3 to 6 blackberry or raspberry plants. Taller growing blueberry shrubs make a good choice as a hedge. Strawberry plants can be planted in unused open areas and make a great substitute for growing grass.
Cheryl Jones, owner of Greenwood Nursery, notes, "I've been promoting the European concept of planting small fruiting plants within the landscape for about 10 years in our gardening newsletter and direct to customers. It's such a great feeling to be able to provide yourself and your family with the summer's fresh fruits that came from just outside your door."Fruiting plants do require mostly sunny areas and soil with high organic content which can be accomplished by adding aged compost or aged manure mix in the holes at the time of planting.
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Eating fresh blackberriesblueberries and strawberries as they mature over the summer months is so refreshing and to know that they came from your own plants is comforting.
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