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New - Pawpaw Trees!

Dawn Redwood

Fragrant Honeysuckle | Winter Honeysuckle

Kwanzan Flowering Cherry Tree

Dawn Redwood
The Dawn Redwood is one of our favorite tree. The lush, delicate, light green foliage gives the Dawn Redwood a graceful look from spring through summer. Fall brings the Dawn Redwood it deep golden fall color. Ships: fall and spring
Fragrant Honeysuckle | Winter Honeysuckle
Winter Honeysuckle (Lonicera fragrantissima) is one of the most fragrant flowering shrubs blooming in late winter to early spring. The Fragrant Honeysuckle produces fragrant creamy white flowers that pop out all over the branches in Februrary - April
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Kwanzan Flowering Cherry Tree
Kwanzan Cherry Tree is the showiest of all Japanese flowering cherry trees. The Kwanzan cherry trees best feature is the large double pink blossoms on this spring flowering tree.

Nova Summer Red Raspberry Plants

PawPaw Trees | Asimina triloba

Pecan Trees | Carya illinoinensis

Nova Summer Red Raspberry Plants
The Nova Summer Red Raspberry plant was bred in Nova Scotia in 1981 and is one of the more cold hardy of red raspberry plant varieties, yet also does well in warmer climates. The Nova Summer Red Raspberry plant is productive with good berry flavor.
PawPaw Trees | Asimina triloba
Pawpaw trees are native to the eastern US and easy to grow in home gardens. The botanical name for the native pawpaw is Asimina triloba.The yellow fruits of the Pawpaw tree resembles papaya fruits.
Pecan Trees | Carya illinoinensis
Pecan Trees, Carya inninoinensis, are one of the largest of the hickory trees. Hardy Pecan trees are native to the lower Mississippi Valley region.

Philadelphus Snowbelle Mockorange

Rugosa Rose Red

Sweet Charlie Strawberry Plants

Philadelphus Snowbelle Mockorange
Citrus fragrance will fill your garden in spring with the Philadelphus 'Snowbelle' Mockorange. This compact mockorange flowering shrub opens in May to June with critus scented double white flowers. Plant your Philadelphus 'Snowbelle' Mockorange
Rugosa Rose Red
Rugosa Rose Red single hedge shrub roses are fragrant blossoms that repeat throughout summer on this rugosa species. Blossoms of the Rugosa Rose Red are followed by very large orange red hips in late summer and last all winter. A flowering shrub rose
Sweet Charlie Strawberry Plants
Just as the name implies, the Sweet Charlie Strawberry berries tastes like they have sugar on them fresh from the field. Sweet Charlie Strawberry plants are vigorous, disease-resistant, and produce large firm berry fruit. The Sweet Charlie Strawberry

Greenwood Nursery and Online Garden Center is your headquarters for affordable garden plants, from ground cover plants, to flowers and butterfly bushes, ferns, trees and shrubs, evergreens and more garden plants.  Our gardening experts are available to provide you with advice and recommendations for your landscape, garden or yard.

Established in 1979, Greenwood Nursery and Online Garden Center has been a working certified Tennessee plant nursery for over three decades. Our online garden center has been a favorite source of garden plants since going online in 1998. 

At Greenwood Plant Nursery and Online Garden Center, customer satisfaction is among our top priorities, plus our gardening experts are always happy to offer gardening advice and recommendations, whether you're looking to brighten your property with flowering plants, shrubs and butterfly bushes, or need to liven up your garden plantings with low maintenance perennial plants, bare root ferns, ground cover plants, trees and shrubs, and evergreen plants.

Don't forget to visit Greenwood's online plant nursery, which features a new plants section with our newest arrivals, including seasonal plantings, flowering plants, perennials and much more.  A couple of our most popular flowering shrubs varieties include lavender plants, golden forsythia shrubs, shrub roses, and red twig dogwoods.

Looking for plants for a specific purpose? Or are you seeking to create a specific theme or style for your garden?  Visit the Greenwood Landscaping Ideas category, which features an array of information on various plants and their uses, including small yard plants flowering shrubs, deer resistant garden plantings, shade-friendly plants and drought-tolerant plants.

 At Greenwood Nursery Online Plant Nursery and Garden Center, we've made it safe and convenient to purchase your plants online. Our online plant catalog is open 24/7 to help meet all of your gardening needs.

Questions? Don't hesitate to contact the team at Greenwood Nursery and Garden Center! Visit our contact page or call us toll free at 1-800-426-0958.

We're helping to combat food security in Eastern Africa. Check us out!

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Japanese Painted Fern
The Japanese Painted Fern, Athyrium niponicum var. pictum, is one of the more colorful ground hugging plants. The Japanese Painted Fern is slow spreading.

Russian Sage 'Little Spire'
Russian Sage 'Little Spire' is a beautiful perennial with fragrant foliage producing small lavender blue flowers through summer. Substitute for lavender.


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