Fairytrail Bride Hydrangea

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Fairytrail Bride® Cascade Hydrangea® -

This long blooming white lacey hydrangea grows in zones 7 to 9. In its warmer areas, protect from the hot afternoon sun. The Fairytrail Bride® is the first of its kind with a cascading habit. 

Show stoppers in containers planted in the patio and deck areas where the plants can be enjoyed every summer day.

No need to prune except to remove dead branches. A good layer of mulch around the base (2 to 3 inches deep) helps to maintain a healthy moisture level.

Fairytrail Bride® Cascade Hydrangea® Hydrangea x 'USHYD0405' PP31,120, CPBRAF


This white flowering cascading hydrangea is grown in quart pots.

Orders shipping to west coast addresses may be bare rooted for shipping.

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