How to Keep Your Property From Being Used as a Shortcut


Do people use your property as a shortcut to other properties?

While we don't guarantee this will solve your problem, these 8 tips may certainly help to discourage it.

  • Fences - fences make the best neighbors - rings so true. Install the best fencing you can budget for. Fences don't always work for determined trespassers, but they do better at deterring the crime. Check you building codes for any restrictions.
  • Post signs all around the area trespassers are using. Use No Trespassing, Private Property, Keep Out and even make up your own signs (still keeping it legal though).
  • Plant privacy hedges especially shrubs with thorns like Russian Olive, shrub roses, barberry, holly with sharp edges, quince. Thorns are generally a deterrent, but check with your insurance agent.
  • Set up motion detector sprinklers that will go off when someone walks through.
  • Set up motion detector security lights that turn on ever so brightly when trespassers come through during nighttime hours.
  • 'Plant' lattice panels to form an open fence-type barrier and grow vines on them. It can be an option for fencing when the trespassing entrance is narrow.
  • If the area is away from your outdoor living areas, create bad smells. Recently, I read about a product called Skunkshot which simulates skunk spray. I don't think the skunk has many predators that would be attracted to the smell, but it might go a long way to keeping people away.
  • Do check with your insurance agent on your liability for trespassers and more ideas on how to keep them off your property.

For more ideas on planting for privacy visit Greenwood Nursery.