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Container Gardening Plants

Japanese Painted Fern

Shades of silver and burgundy brighten shaded gardens. Grows up to 2 feet tall in zones 3 to 8. Low spreading. Gardeners favorite!

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Autumn Brilliance Ferns

A bright evergreen fern with variying colors of copper to green throughout the year. Grows in the 2 to 3 foot tall range in zones 5 to 9. Light shade to full shade.

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Ostrich Ferns

Popular for edible fiddleheads in spring. Grows up to 5 feet tall in zones 2 to 8. Large, dark green fronds with vase shape.

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Christmas Fern

An evergreen fern with dark, leathery leaves. This native fern grows up to 3 feet tall in zones 3 to 8. Full to part shade. Larger potted plants also avialable.

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Lady Ferns

Easy to grow fern in part to full shade for zones 4 to 8. Lacy foliage grows up to 3 feet tall. Potted plants also available.

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Cinnamon Ferns

A fast growing fern. Grows up to 5 feet tall in zones 3 to 10. Spreads slowly. Perfect as a background fern for shade gardens.

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Maidenhair Fern

Delicate lacy fern that grows up to 3 feet tall. For zones 3 to 8. Slow spreading and not invasive. Companion plants are hostas, astilbe and bleeding hearts. Larger container grown plants also available.

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Royal Ferns

A favorite large growing fern! Grows up to 5 feet tall in shaded areas of zones 3 to 10. Slow spreading. Prefers acidic, wet soils. Potted plants also available.

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Regal Red Painted Fern

Brighter version of the Japanese Painted Fern. Grows up to 2 feet tall in zones 4 to 9. Part to full shade. Companion plants for coral bells, lenten rose and dicentra.

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Japanese Holly Fern

A beautiful evergreen ferns that grows up to 3 feet tall in shaded areas. For zones 6 to 10. Foliage looks like holly leaves.

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Arborvitae Ferns

Low growing semi-evergreen ground cover type fern for zones 6 to 9. Foliage resembles cedar trees. Arborvitae ferns grow up to 12 inches tall in partial to full shade. Space approximately 2 feet apart.

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Lady in Red Fern

Light green fronds contrast with burgundy stems. Lady in Red Ferns grows up to 30 inches tall in part to full shade. Native to North America.

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Tassel Fern

A slow growing evergreen fern grows 1 to 2 feet tall in shaded gardens. Perfect for Japanese gardens, containers and to blend with taller growing ferns. Companion plants are hostas, heucheras and columbines.

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Acer Peaches and Cream

Peaches and Cream is a Japanese Maple with white based leaves with dark green veining. Ends and tips change out to reddish shades and remain throughout the summer months.

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Polar Gold  Arborvitae

Naturally, the plant grows as a dense triangular mass, that almost resembles a pyramid. Given that they are already thin, you really don’t need to worry about pruning them. Another Proven Winners perfection!

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Holmstrup Arborvitae Tree

Prized for its beautiful conifer foliage, the Holmstrup Eastern Arborvitae holds its dark green color throughout the winter months.

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Dicentra spectabilis Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart | Dicentra spectabilis

Pardon My Pink Monarda

Compact growing bee balm for sunny nooks and crannies!

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Astilbe Little Vision in Pink

Astilbe chinensis 'Little Vision in Pink'. The coarse textured bronze green leaves are the perfect backdrop for the dreamy rose pink flowers from late spring to mid summer.

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Daisy May Shasta Daisy

The amazing Daisy May Shasta Daisy will begin blooming from mid spring through late fall (in warmer climates). Plant this classic perennial plant in your garden, to define a border or in container gardens where the light is bright. 

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Hosta Fire and Ice

The beautiful Hosta Fire and Ice has a medium growth habit and mound size to 20 inches at maturity with stunning lavender flowers. Its compact size makes this hosta plant a good choice for container gardening.

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Acorus Ogon Grass

Acorus Ogon Grass is a neat looking sweet flag ornamental grass whose bright gold foliage accented with green stripes shimmers in the afternoon sun.

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Iberis Purity Candytuft

The evergreen foliage of the Iberis sempervirens Purity Candytuft is what will draw you in to planting this garden plant along the edges of yo

Vinca minor Ground Cover

A Greenwood BEST SELLER - Vinca, common name periwinkle, is one of the faster growing ground cover plants for covering large areas

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