5 Best Shade Tolerant Shrubs

Check Out These 5 Best Shade Tolerant Shrubs!

Shade can pose special challenges. While planting for the sun can seem like a cakewalk, planting in shade can feel like walking on cake (not pleasant!). But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are lots of wonderful shrubs that do well in shade, and with careful planning even sun lovers can tolerate some shade too. Here’s our 5 best shade tolerant shrubs that you can use in those difficult shadier spots!

  • Hydrangeas are a staple shrub in the shade. They not only tolerate shade, but many require a good amount of shade to thrive. Some do better in more sun too. Regardless, all hydrangeas are at least tolerant of shade. Invincibelle Spirit is one such hydrangea that can tolerate some sun and shade. It’s a shrub that’s pretty happy anywhere you put it. The best feature of this award winning hydrangea is its flowering. The pink mophead bloom clusters are persistent and beautiful.
  • California Privet is a non-invasive, shade tolerant and fast growing hedge shrub that is wonderfully utilitarian. While it may seem fairly plain (staying green most of the year), privet is an essential shrub for defining edges and adding fast greenery where not much else will grow. Shade tolerant California privet is also pest and disease free.
  • Boxwood is a very traditional shade tolerant shrub. You may recognize boxwood in gardens you’ve visited. It’s normally sheared into perfect shapes and lines walkways with low growing thick greenery. Boxwood is an excellent choice for this purpose. We love Sprinter for its fast growth and hardiness.
  • Azaleas are a gardener’s best friend. They are incredibly showy and much loved by homeowners who have them. They are also extremely versatile! Azaleas are shade tolerant and brightly flowering for a long period of time. We offer the Bloom-A-Thon series in the most popular and pleasing colors and flower forms. This award winning series offers azaleas that are especially long-flowering and tough. Use azaleas as specimens or in drifts for dramatic effect. They can be pruned to be full in shape, and they can be pruned to showcase beautiful twisting trunk and stem structure for artistic flair.
  • Rose of Sharon is related to, and is a hibiscus- just like those beautiful tropical shrubs you can purchase in the home improvement stores.  But, Rose of Sharon is hardy throughout most of the country and can be grown like any shrub, even where it snows. Rose of Sharon is another shade tolerant favorite too. They are especially shade tolerant in areas where summers are really hot. Their beautiful showy blooms last all throughout the warm season. We really love Purple Pillar, or ‘Gandini  Stantiago’ Rose of Sharon. This Proven Winner is a space saving, tall growing Rose of Sharon great for screening and pots. While Rose of Sharon likes sun, you can plant them in areas that are shaded in the afternoon without much fuss.

We hope you love our picks for these 5 best shade tolerant shrubs! You’re bound to find just what you need within this list of great plants. 



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