Stay at Home and Have the Best Vacation Ever

Vacationing at home can be as much as much fun as going away. Home vacations can vary from setting up a portable hot tub in the backyard for yourself and the kids to pretend you're at the beach to taking day trips enjoying local sites.

During late spring to summer is a wonderful time to take advantage of garden settings at historic homes, nature walks, botanical gardens, and arboretums as they are in full bloom. Visiting gardens open to the public have landscape architects or professionals who have designed these gorgeous landscapes. Not only are you able to enjoy their efforts, but take these design concepts home and apply them to your next landscape project or use the information as a suggestion. They are landscape ideas that are free.

For those who don't have children at home (or if you do, hire a babysitter), take tour a local vineyard and don't forget the tasting afterwards! A bottle of wine, some cheeses, fresh fruit and sweet nibbles have the makings of a perfect picnic.

In planning your home vacation, do the same things you would plan before any other get away such as clean the house, do the laundry, mow the lawn, etc. The computer and cell phones should have a break, too. Let the answering machine or voice mail catch those people who don't know you're on vacation. It's a getaway time, no work! Why not make it a themed vacation and visit the party store to pick up inexpensive regional decorations such as netting, shells, leis, little umbrellas for drinks, etc for a beach look.

Don't forget vacation smells for the house such as fresh herbsflowers or other scents that remind you of your favorite vacation spot. Also, keep an open bottle of inexpensive sunscreen. Nothing smells of vacation like the smell of sunscreen. Treat yourself to a beautiful market basket and carry it with you everywhere with a large beach size towel, which also does double duty in pinch for picnics, straw hat, small bottle of sunscreen, and snacks.

Here are other fun things perfect for a home vacation:

  • Schedule a massage or facial

  • Eat out or order delivery

  • Hire a sitter for the kids and have a date night

  • Have a DVD marathon (especially good if it is a rainy day)

  • Create a theme by renting DVD's set in specific areas or periods

  • Throw an extended family cookout - Read a book or two

  • Keep coffee, juice, water and snacks on hand

  • Visit a nearby museum or zoo

  • Go for a drive and stop for a picnic

  • Visit stores/shops that you normally wouldn't visit

  • Check out your area to see if there are any community activities going on-such as free concerts, openings, and don't forget to check out the library for story time - See if your area offers outdoor dramas or ghost tours

  • Take a cooking class and show off your new skills at home by preparing those dishes

Vacationing at home doesn't mean you must stay at home. Check out your section of state to see what sights are within about a 2 hour drive. That is about the right amount of time for a full day of nearby sights, including driving time.

Home vacations are a wonderful way to reduce stress, learn about your own community, truly relax and best of all, they're easy to keep in budget.


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