Our 13 Most Romantic Plants Choices That Can Work in Every Garden

Romantic gardens have been the backdrops for countless timeless love stories, beautiful pieces of painted art, and photographic gems that continue to be shared across the world. We swoon and dream when we see a picture or painting of a romantic garden. Occasionally when given the chance to visit a garden that’s supremely romantic, we are always slowed into a stupor that we’ve only experienced in a dream. Indeed, romantic gardens are lovely.

Romantic gardens often resemble a French country flavor, so choosing plants with that in mind is a great start. French country gardens often have a lot of lush growth, which is allowed to fill in spaces and spread into pathways and over walls and fences. Scent and color are very important too. Sweet, strong scents with soft colors are often the norm but of course, not a set rule.

If you’re looking for a simple way to make your garden and landscape a little more romantic, you won’t need to look far. Sometimes adding the right plants can make a big impact, transforming your landscape into the romantic garden you wish for. We’d like to suggest our 13 romantic plants and how to work them in your own garden, for that romantic look.

Starting with what you may first notice in a romantic garden, the roses you choose will often have the biggest impact. And indeed, if you really wish for a romantic look and feel to your garden, you will need to add roses. We love all roses, but understand that you also need a rose that will be tough and beautiful over a long season. Our OSO line is just this. In a romantic garden, you’d notice our Double Red Knockout Roses instantly. Walk down a sunny path and next to you should be beautiful and sensuous SuperBlue lavender and creeping rosemary, both of which are heavily scented and happy along a pathway.  Try setting off both the pink lavender with its silvery foliage and the red hot dianthus with the fuzzy grey leaves of lamb’s ear. On a shady corner, a trio of hydrangea like Invincinbelle Spirit offers a softness that most other plants can’t imitate. 

There are other combinations that make for a romantic getaway in your landscape, just as well as the traditional standby’s. Lilacs are an American classic and are treats in the romantic garden. Start in the spring with a reblooming treat such as Bloomerang Purple Lilac, bordering your entryway. A treat for the senses, lovely Abelia Sunny Anniversary will load the air with romantic scent of apple in the summer and fall. And, throughout the season, plant adorable Becky Shasta Daisy holding hands with Russian Sage 'Little Spire', along with Silver Mound Artemisia in the front at their feet.  And finally, in the slightly shadier corners tuck in a Rozanne Geranium.

Plenty of old-world roses are beautiful climbers and look supremely lovely over an arbor or against a trellised wall, but when Amethyst Falls Wisteria is in bloom, absolutely nothing is more dreamlike and lovely. And finally, if you’re looking for that one single plant to really kick off your curb appeal in a romantic way, try a grouping of Adagio Miscanthus. The tall, lush grass growths with beautiful white seedheads sway in the breeze seductively.

We hope you enjoyed our stroll through a romanticized landscape. Putting one together yourself is quite easy. With the right plant choices, you too can have a beautiful romantic garden.