Ordering from an Online Plant Nursery

As gardening has become the number one past time in the US, more and more homeowners are getting directly involved in their own gardening and landscaping projects. Budgeting to buy plants is now a necessity. Affordable garden plants can be sourced through an online plant nursery.

Online plant nurseries offer wide selections of plant varieties and sizes generally at cheaper prices than traditional garden centers. Buying smaller versions of trees and shrubs is a great way to save money.  Not only are smaller sized plants less expensive, but they require less effort to plant, are faster to establish and have better chances for survival than the larger more expensive plants at garden centers and nursery sales yards. They are the same nursery trees, only younger.

An online plant nursery shouldn’t be intimidating. Their website should be easy to maneuver, concise and a learning experience. If you have any questions about the plants or the ordering process, phone the plant nursery or send them an email. Most operations will respond within 24 to 48 hours.

Having doubts about what to plant where? Send your online nursery a picture of the area with information such as zone, sun/shade, soil type, etc. and the staff will be able to provide you with suggestions on what plants will perform best.

The plants you receive from your online plant nursery should be well rooted (which will also vary according to variety). A strong root system is more desirable than a lot of height. Once planted, the new plants should be rooted in within 4 to 6 weeks and all the stronger to withstand less frequent watering and attention.

Though your plants will be established and growing, your online nursery is only an email or phone call away should you have questions or concerns about your new plants.

The Greenwood Nursery Team welcomes your emails and phone calls. They’re always happy to be of assistance to answer your planting and gardening questions.

Greenwood Nursery is one of the top 5 online nurseries listed on About.com. Greenwood Nursery was established in 1978 and went online in 1998.