Best Reasons Why Shrubs are Great for Any Garden

  1. Shrubs are virtually maintenance free

  2. Our living fence shrubs help you to maintain your privacy.

  3. Several specimens of the same variety can be planted in groupings for a stronger visual effect.

  4. Different varieties can be planted together for diversity and harmony of form, foliage or flower.

  5. They give a sense of volume in a flowerbed and can be used to set off garden accessories such as statues, birdbaths, fountains, sculptures, and ornamental rocks.

  6. Large shrubs can also be used to create an intimate corner or as a backdrop for a flowerbed.

  7. Many flowering shrubs attract humming birds, bees and butterflies.

  8. Use evergreen shrubs as your foundation plantings to provide year around color and texture.

  9. To hide an unsightly area - select from our living fence shrubs.

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