Back to Basics with Herbs and Fruit Plants

Getting Back to Basics!


Getting back to basics (for us) is connecting with nature and the earth and finding the simplicity in our daily lives. With that often comes a level of self sufficiency and beauty for our home surroundings. Our homes and our outdoor living areas should be retreats from our outside lives.

One way of Getting Back to Basics is to grow some of your own food.

With the arrival of spring, we look forward with anticipation of the weather warming to begin our outdoor lives. This year more people, young and old and those in-between, are choosing to garden with vegetables and fruit plants.

Early spring (now) is the best time (for most planting zones) to plant fruiting plants such as bare root strawberry, blueberry - including a dwarf blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, gojikiwi and muscadine plants.

We'll update you as other plants are ready, too! By mid April, you'll want to be considering which herbs to plant. Our favorites for cooking are, rosemary, thyme, chives, mints (for teas) and sage. And, lemon grass for growing in a container - in most zones it should be taken indoors for fall and winter.

If you are new to gardening, we have just the course for you. The Oregon State University through April is offering their Vegetable Gardening Course for Free (through April 2020). This is a great start for any new gardener to learn how to grow their own food. Be sure to share this newsletter with your family, friends and neighbors so they can learn, too.

We're looking to be able to offer a selection of vegetable plants as they become in season for planting. We'll keep you posted! Until then, it's time to plant small fruiting plants.


Your Friends in Gardening,

Cheryl and Steve