2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide with Gift Ideas for Gardeners, Cooks, Pet Owners and Homeowners

The holiday season is fast approaching (or has already started, for those who like to put up Christmas decorations the day after Halloween!), which means the season of gift-giving is almost here.

We wanted to share some of our top ideas for gifts, in case you need any help crossing names off those lists!

Welcome to our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

(Note: Although we're making this list right before the holidays, most of these ideas are great for gifts year-round.)

Gifts for Gardeners

Of course, we'll start with gifts for gardeners! One gift idea we love is putting together customized gift baskets, and this is what one for a gardener might include:

  • Garden hand tools, such as pruning shears and a hand trowel
  • Gardening gloves
  • A sun hat
  • Some seeds or bulbs
  • A garden bucket or tub to put everything in

Or, for someone who likes inviting wildlife to their garden, consider a purple martin house or other birdhouse (or even bat house). Purple martins (and bats!) eat insects, including mosquitoes, so anyone who gardens outside in the summer can appreciate having them around.

And what better gift for a gardener than a Greenwood Nursery gift certificate? A gift certificate lets the receiver choose plants to suit their garden's style and needs.

Gifts for New Homeowners

If a new homeowner is on your gift-giving list this holiday season, you can't go wrong with a potted plant. Plants are a traditional housewarming gift, and our potted gardenias make beautiful and fragrant additions to a new home.

New homes often mean new gardens as well. Many housewarming gifts focus on the interior, leaving the outside of the home neglected – but you can help a new homeowner get started with their new garden with a Greenwood Nursery gift certificate. An outdoor bench or garden art can be great gifts as well. (But art is subjective, so be careful with that one unless you're very familiar with the homeowner's personal style!)

And for a gift basket during the winter months, a "snow day survival kit" can be a cute idea: you can include warm, cozy things such as a comfy robe or blanket, slippers, a good book, and some hot chocolate mix. Snow shovel optional!

Gifts for Pet Owners

Plant gifts for pet owners can be tricky, since so many plants are potentially toxic to pets. But two safe bets are catmint and lavender, which both feature pretty spikes of small purple flowers. Catmint is closely related to catnip, and can cause a similar reaction in many cats.

A unique gift that will entertain pets for hours is a window bird feeder. Options include a windowsill mounted feeder with a mirrored back, letting pets see out while the birds can't see inside; a breadbox style feeder, which brings the birds up-close and personal while allowing ease of refilling; or a panoramic in-window feeder for the best possible view. 

Or, for a gift basket that's straightforward but still thoughtful, find a basket or bucket that could be used to hold toys, or maybe a nice water bowl, and fill it with (gourmet, if you like!) dog or cat treats and appropriate toys.

Gifts for Home Cooks

Fresh herbs are the secret ingredient to many a home chef's recipes, so it makes sense to gift them their own plants to use! Herb plants such as rosemary and sage can be grown indoors or out and used fresh or dry in a variety of cuisines.

Another can't-fail gift idea for someone who enjoys cooking is a good chef's knife and cutting board. Chef's knives come in a wide range of both price and quality, so check out a guide like this one from The Spruce Eats for recommendations.

Gift baskets for cooking have a lot of room for fun and customization. Find a cool mixing bowl, fill it with items that fit a theme or recipe you know the gift receiver will love, and you have an instant, perfect gift! As one example, say you have a friend who loves pancakes: fill the bowl with different pancake mixes, a wooden spoon for mixing, a spatula for flipping, and Vermont syrup for pouring.

Gifts for Almost Anyone

If none of those categories fit quite what you're looking for, or if you need to buy a gift for someone you don't know that well, here are a few ideas that work for pretty much anyone:

  • Irises – beautiful and easy to grow.
  • Nashville Toffee Company – amazing products and a personal favorite for foodie gifts; also available in Whole Foods!
  • Tobacco barn scent candle – brings the clean, sweet smell of the countryside indoors.
  • A basket or tray filled with assorted coffees, teas, and chocolates – consider going with a special theme, such as all local companies

We hope this has given you some inspiration for your gift-giving this year!