Bulbs to Plant in November

Bulbs to plant in November

Looking for an easy way to get bright, colorful flowers in your garden next spring? Easy-to-grow bulbs are the answer! Plant these bulbs in November according to planting instructions, and in the spring you'll be rewarded with cheerful flowers to brighten up your landscaping.

Here are some of the best bulbs to plant this fall. As an added bonus, many of these flowers are perfect for cutting gardens and can be used in spring flower arrangements. When cutting flowers, however, be sure to leave the foliage so that the plants can store energy and come back the next year.
Daffodil Bulbs
Daffodils, with their large, bright yellow flowers and long, bright green leaves, are a classic sign of spring. Plant dutch master bulbs for fall planting in a sunny spot at least a couple of weeks before the ground freezes, and about six inches deep.
You can put bulbs close to each other for cheerful bunches of flowers in the spring, or spread them around for a landscape dotted with color. Daffodils are hardy in USDA Zones 3-8.
Tulip Bulbs for Fall Planting
tulips from holland come in a multitude of colors, with both solid-color and mottled varieties available. Plant them in large groups of the same color for dramatic impact, or mix and match for a fun visual effect.
Tulip bulbs need a chilled period to grow properly, which will happen during their winter in the ground in colder climates. If you are in a more southern zone, you may need to chill your tulip bulbs in your refrigerator for a certain length of time before planting. The bulbs should be planted well before the first hard frost – around six to eight weeks before is ideal.
Most people grow tulips as annuals; if you want them to bloom again the following year, it takes some extra time and effort.
crocus flower bulbs are often the first flowers of the new year, sprouting up and blooming often before winter has even come to an end. They are typically purple, yellow, or white, and grow only a few inches tall. Plant them in large groups for a carpet of color, or spread them throughout your lawn for bright reminders that spring is on its way.
Crocus Bulb Planting Tips: Plant crocus bulbs shallowly, only about three inches deep, in an area where they'll receive sunlight in late winter and early spring. If you plant crocuses in your lawn, be sure to avoid mowing them long enough after flowering for the plants to store energy to bloom again the following year (about six to eight weeks).  Crocuses are hardy in Zones 3-8.
Hyacinth Bulbs
grape hyacinth bulbs feature spiked, dense clusters of flowers in a variety of available colors: white, blue, pink, and more. They have a sweet fragrance, and planting them in large groups will result in a stronger scent.
When to plant hyacinths is a frequent question. Plant grape hyacinths in fall. Hyacinths need full sun to partial shade, and soil that drains easily. Plant the bulbs in the fall seven to eight inches deep. The plants are short-lived, but can survive at least a few winters as far north as Zones 3 or 4.
Dutch Iris Bulbs in Fall
dutch iris bulbs are a hybrid of several iris varieties, and they come in many colors, most commonly blue and purple. Most Dutch irises have two-tone flowers, with a spot of bright yellow on the lower petals. These pretty, long-lasting irises are very popular for spring bouquets.
Dutch iris bulbs should be planted before the first hard freeze in the fall. Put them four to six inches deep in an area that receives full sun to partial shade. The bulbs are hardy in Zones 5-9.
Alliums, members of the onion and garlic family, typically have globe-shaped purple flowers on tall, narrow stems. Planting them in large groups will give you a show of purple pom-poms in the spring.
Plant allium bulbs about six inches deep in the fall, and about a foot apart. They do best in full sun and well-drained soil. Unlike some other bulbs, alliums are both rodent and deer-resistant.
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With these plant-it-and-forget-it bulbs, a little work in November will give you a colorful start to your spring!
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