Festuca Beyond Blue

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Festuca glauca Beyond Blue Fescue - 

The Beyond Blue Fescue is the best blue foliage grass we've seen to stand up to the heat of summer here with our hot, humid weather in middle Tennessee. Whereas the Boulder Blue was hardier than the Elijah Blue, the Beyond Blue remains an even brighter blue over July and August when the Elijah Blue has long turned brown. 

As a cool season grass, this Blue begins growing early in spring and even though it slows a bit over the summer months, the bright blue foliage is striking. Flowers (plumes) rise above the foliage over spring and early summer and can be clipped back as they fade to light brown. 

Perfect for year round interest in the garden and landscape. Grows beautifully in containers. Grows in well drained soil. Once established (over the first growing year) the Beyond Blue Fescue is often drought tolerant. 

Festuca glauca Beyond Blue™ 'Casca11' PP23307

Thank you to Hoffman Nursery for their beautiful pictures of the Beyond Blue Fescue.


Beyond Blue Fescue is growing in one quart (4 inch deep qt) and one gallon (trade size) pots. Orders shipping to west coast states may be partially bare rooted for packing.

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