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Arapaho Blackberry

Arapaho Blackberry
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Thornless Blackberry Arapaho

Arapaho Blackberry Plants are a cold hardy, thornless blackberry cultivar.  These disease resistant blackberry bushes do not need a trellis and have an excellent sweet flavor. This great thornless blackberry is a new release from the University of Arkansas.

Arapaho Blackberry Plants produce blackberry fruits that have an excellent sweet flavor, good size, firm fruit and heavy production.

Arapaho Blackberry ripens two weeks earlier than Navaho and also produces sucker plants which allow this plant to quickly establish a solid fruiting hedge row of plants. We believe the Arapaho Blackberry is the earliest producing Thornless Blackberry available. Zones: 4-9

Ripens Early season (beginning of June) - Excellent Quality - Cold Hardy - High Yielding
Begins bearing fruit in 2 years
Estimated Fruit Yield: 2 to 4 quarts per vine. 
2 yr #1 plants - Zones: 4-9

How to Plant Blackberry Bushes


Arapaho Blackberry Plants ship as:

  • 2 year bare root plants - 1 Plant (ships November for fall - March & April for spring)
  • 1 Gallon (Limited Quantity)

Note: Cannot ship this item into California


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We have had some Arapaho bushes for 15 years and they continually produce plentiful crops of delicious berries and new plants every year. They do best when I put a layer of compost under them and fertilize as soon as the leaves appear in Spring. Since these plants grow much taller than most blackberries, most of the berries are at waist to chest level - pick without stooping.

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