Wholesale Branches for Forcing

Sorry but at this time we are not offering branches for forcing.


Branches for Forcing Wholesale

Florists, Floral Distributors, Event Planners

Greenwood Nursery is now offering branches for forcing indoor blooms. Call (1-800-426-0958 or 931-668-3041 from your cell) or email the Greenwood Team to hear which branch varieties are available. 

If you are looking for varieties other than these listed below, please contact us as we may be able to locate them.

January (mid to late): quince, Okame cherry

February: dogwoods (red, pink, white), white cherries, Yoshino cherry

March: dogwoods, Kwanzan cherry

April: lilac, pink viburnum, viburnum opulus sterile

May: viburnums, lilac, red smokebush

June: Nikko Hydrangea, Snowflake Hydrangea

August: Limelight Hydrangea

September: fall foliage magnolia

October: winterberry, magnolia foliage, red twig dogwood, curly willow, holly

November: winterberry, holly, magnolia foliage, red twig dogwood, curly willow

December: Christmas hollies, winterberry, magnolia foliage, red twig dogwood, curly willow

Branches for Forcing Wholesale