Sourcing Plants For Landscape Projects

Sourcing plants for landscape projects can be a daunting task. Searching through stacks of plant catalogs, Google plant searches and sending out email blasts to growers only to be followed up with days of phone calls to wholesale nurseries. In most cases, sending email blasts to lists of nurseries results in little to no responses. Then once you do find some plants, you need to secure them from the grower and hope that they don't sell them again to another customer. It's an ongoing sequence of events for certain, ending with deliveries coming in from many different locations to track. 

We started Greenwood Nursery in 1978 as a propagation and wholesale plant nursery. From day one, we have utilized our location and database to find plants for our wholesale customers. Saving our customers the time and frustration of sourcing plants for their projects is what we do best and are able to come in at and often under budget. Plants are then delivered to the customer's location or project site ready for planting. 

When you have a partner like Greenwood Nursery, you can rest assured that someone is out there searching plants for your project and working with your best interest in mind. We keep in contact with our customers so they know where their order stands at all times. Being in the nursery industry for almost 40 years, we work with our network of growers to find the plants that you want for your landscape projects at the best prices. 

Give us a call at 1-800-426-0958 and ask for Steve Jones on sourcing plants for your landscape project or email Steve with your company and project information. He will respond as quickly as possible to get working for you. 

We also work with state projects, land developments and environmental companies on conservation and mitigation projects providing tree seedlings, live stakes and tree shelters.