The Prettiest Perennial Shrubs For Your Garden

Are you trying to find eye catching low maintenance perennial shrubs for your garden this summer? Keep reading this article where we are going to discuss all you need to know about the perennial flowers for sun which can form the backbone of any garden. Perennial shrubs play a vital role in the landscaping design of a property. These plants with their multiple stems not only give a stunning visual but also provide privacy when planted in groups. One of the reasons for the immense popularity of perennial shrubs is due to the fact that they require almost zero maintenance. Yellow perennial flowers would help to give your garden a number of attractive focal points and boost the esthetic appeal of your garden. A symbol of wealth strength and optimism, yellow perennial flowers would give your garden a whole new character. For instance the Caragana Siberian Peashrub is a deciduous shrub which not only gives pretty yellow flowers in spring and summer but also serves as a windbreak screen.

The beautiful show off forsythia shrub is yet another good choice for those looking for bright yellow flowers from summer till fall. Adaptable to almost all kinds of soil, these plants are known for their tolerance to pollution.  The Hypericum sunny boulevard shrubs are small perennial shrubs which gives pretty yellow flowers from July to September. Those of you looking for a super attractive ground covering perennials need to take home a white creeping phlox which would give your garden a stunning white flowering ground cover. The snowcap Shasta daisy is yet another perennial shrub which would definitely change the look of your garden for better. The pure white blossoms of the Shasta daisy would attract bees, butterflies and humming birds to your garden. Being heat, drought and humidity tolerant, this plant is really easy to grow. The Monarda blue stocking aka the Bee Balm is a blue flowering perennial which gives pretty violet flowers and attracts bees and small birds. As ideal butterfly garden plants, the Bee Balm thrives well in full sun or light shade. One of the prettiest summer flowing perennials you can find, the Bee Balm grows well on unevenly moist soil.

Both novice and experienced gardeners would acknowledge the charm and beauty of the summer blooming spirea shrubs. The summer blooming spirea shrubs come with big clusters of white blossoms on their arching branches. Growing the spirea shrubs is really easy and these plants thrive well in almost any growing zone. Depending on the kind, these bushes generally grow up to 6 feet in height. Make sure to plant the bushes in a location which would be capable of accommodating its size. Ideally they should be planted in areas which receive a lot of sun. Planting them in shades would lead to stunted growth and limited number of flowers. Though these plants don’t require much care or maintenance, you can always add mulch around the plant for moisture retention. The summer blooming spirea bushed needs to be prunes during the winter or spring.