Plant These 3 Fast Growing Shrubs For An Instant Garden

Get an Instant Garden when you plant these 3 fast growing flowering shrubs.

There’s nothing more rewarding than a simple action that creates a lasting, big impact. This is especially true in the garden. Fast growing flowering shrubs are the ideal solution to creating a garden that fills a lot of space in the garden. They can also put on a car-stopping show if you plan it right, and will certainly make your garden really glow. There are lots of other functions that fast growing and beautiful shrubs can perform- from windbreaks to privacy screening, fast growing shrubs will do the job.

We have a lot of favorite shrubs for a fast impact in the garden. But we have 5 that top the list as reliable performers for most all gardens, while being beautiful consistently throughout the year. If you are looking for an instant garden, plant these 3 fast growing shrubs!

  • Spirea: Spireas are a common sight in landscapes- but there are so many cultivars and kinds that you might not recognize one when you see it. A trip to a large nursery will open your eyes to the world of spirea options, and new ones are coming out all of the time. One of the more common spireas planted for a long time in gardens around the US has been the bridal wreath spirea. You may recognize them. You often see them as large standalone shrubs in a large lawn in the front of older homes. In the spring, they bloom in heavy arching branches of profuse white. In the fall they glow a brilliant yellow. There are smaller cultivars like ‘Blue Kazoo- an interesting cultivar that stays under 3 feet in height and spread and provides a darker, less brilliant yet lovely aspect to the garden. It sports blue/green foliage and blooms in white. If you’re not a fan of the brighter colored spirea in this same size, this spirea is right for you. For those you love bright colors, check out Gold Spiraea.


  • Hydrangeas are loved all over the world, and we love them too. When you picture a romantic garden, lush with beautiful growth and adorned in soft color, hydrangeas are always there in the shadier spots where roses take the sunnier areas. There are many cultivars of hydrangea, but there are two main types. “Mop heads” are hydrangeas with rounded balls of blooms, usually in the pink and blue we’re familiar with. They are the types that can change bloom color based on the pH of the soil. “Lace caps” are usually white blooming and are unaffected by pH in the soil. Lace caps are generally hardier and grow better in northern and extreme climates. Mop heads seem to like more even temperatures with fewer extremes- but there’s a cultivar for everyone that breaks these rules. But, for a starter hydrangea that will absolutely blow your socks off, and do fine in all climates, check out the Proven Winner ‘Pinky Winky’.


  • Elderberry shrubs are a US native shrub and are widely present all over the country. Unlike their wild counterparts, domesticated cultivars don’t look wild and belong happily in the cultivated, manicured garden. We carry two of the best elderberry shrubs available, which can actually be paired together for a real bang in the garden. Lemony Lace is a chartreuse/yellow shrub that is bright, and ‘Black Lace is a red-wine/purple colored cultivar. You will see them both planted together very often, as they are beautiful together. They both flower beautifully in the spring and sport fruit that the songbirds rely on. They are also deer resistant and grow in all sorts of soils in spots that are sunny- but they also do fine in some shade, especially shade in the heat of the day.

These three shrubs will quickly and instantly create a great garden for you. We hope you enjoy our suggestions and give them a try!