OSO Easy Shrub Roses Make Elegant, Chemical-Free Garden Safe Zones

Today’s more earth friendly and natural landscapes pique interest in organic barriers and boundaries for homes and gardens.  Shrubs, including chinese privet, are popular choices for creating nonintrusive privacy zones, but finding a shrub that presents both colorfully and elegantly can be a problem.  To this end, garden enthusiasts have turned to roses for hundreds of years, but black spot and mildew often becomes a deterrent to grow long stands of eye-catching beauties.  OSO Easy Rose Shrubs, though, stand to revolutionize both home and commercial area gardens as they are extremely disease resistant, come in a broad range of colors and heights, and thrive with the lightest loving care possible. 


7 Elegant Disease Resistant Shrub Rose Choices

With heights of 12 to 36 inches tall and hardiness from zone 5-9, these easy shrub roses promise to be truly stunning in any full sun area with the proper loose-soil drainage.  The variety of these beautiful, easy-to-care-for roses includes such curiosity capturers as:

OSO Double Red

OSO Italian Ice

OSO Lemon Zest

OSO Strawberry Crush

OSO Fragrant Spreader

OSO Easy Cherry Pie

Oso Mango Salsa

From top to bottom, you’ll be adding flavor and zest wherever Oso Easy Roses are incorporated into your garden design.


Rose Shrub Borders Grow Privacy and Habitat

Besides privacy and landscape elegance that proper borders offer, rose shrub borders offer promise:

  • added security

  • increased privacy

  • wildlife habitat

  • pollinator attraction

  • focal points

Though fences are staples of homes where privacy is valued, many people integrate the softer lines shrubs offer as they are denser, prettier, and harder for strangers to cross.  Add a thorny rose to the mix, and the possibility that strangers will cross your well-planned boundaries shrinks considerably.  For this reason, easy rose shrubs are far more useful than the traditional front or side yard borders.  Consider using them to delineate your property line in residential neighborhoods, fill in borders in hard-to-monitor yard zones, and create small no-cut zones to entice birds and other wildlife to your garden.  Your privacy becomes the natural protection our native wildlife desperately needs.

Wherever flowers and others plants grow, a greater likelihood for pollinator conservation, preservation, and promotion exists.  Attracted to blooms of your easy shrub roses, bees, butterflies, and the birds who follow them become new, vivid, and kinetic layers of beauty and entertainment in your garden.

And once you have created your own private sanctuary and invited these lovely guests to your home, you can breath easy knowing that care for your roses requires only the softest touch.  In fact, you’ll reduce your chemical, herbicide, and pesticide output as soon as you plant these as they are proven to be so resistant to disease that they required no non organic help in four years of growth and trials.

As delicious as their names, Oso Easy Rose Shrubs bring exactly the right zing of color and fragrance to your home garden.  From focal points to full privacy hedging, these are the perfect choice for any gardener hoping to go organic for healthier private home space and lives for their families.