Oak and Other Nut Tree Seedlings

Nursery grown Nut and oak seedlings.

Bur Oak

Sawtooth Oak

Nutall Oak

Black Oak

Swamp White

Oak Red Oak

Shumardi Oak

Cherrybark Oak

Willow Oak

Water Oak

The above are available in 2.5 inch pots and one quart pots as available.

Also available Purdue Black Walnuts (bare root and quart pots) and Celestial Chestnuts (quart pots).

Call for availability and to place your order.

GreenwoodNursery.com was established in 1978 as a plant propagation nursery, seedling grower, wholesale/mail order facility located in the heart of the nursery industry, McMinnville, TN. Though we grow many nut and ornamental trees, we specialize in nursery grown oak seedlings for plant nurseries to grow on into larger sizes and conservation and replanting projects.

White Oak Seedlings in Pots